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Cinde's Story – "Back on my feet again"

I was only one block away from home when I was struck by a car driven by an inattentive driver who ran the stop sign. I am forced to relive that horrible day every time we walk or drive by the area. Certain things trigger the memory of the accident and then it seems like it was just yesterday. The force of the impact caused my car to flip over and I suffered permanent injuries to my right shoulder, head, neck, back and hip. The accident occurred nearly three years ago but I still haven't been able to return to work since the accident. Paul Schweiger helped me settle my case through mediation in just over a year.

Paul treated me like I was his only client. He met with us locally near our home because I wasn't very mobile after my accident and we had Cokes together. This was my first experience with a lawyer. Paul was very easy going and we could talk to him about anything. He wasn't intimidating like I thought he might be. We needed help and knew Paul would help us as much as he possibly could. Right away we knew we didn't need to contact any other lawyers.

The accident significantly interrupted my life. At the time, my children were here from Alaska and it interrupted my time with them and the grand kids which was very upsetting for me and difficult to manage. Accidents happen but this one was hard to go through. I just wanted to get better and have it be over. I was terrified and Paul put up with a lot from me. He made it easier by talking with us and explaining things. He just continually reassured me that things would get better and with time, they did.

After this long process, we learned that you need to be able to trust in your attorney because you can't do it on your own. I trust Paul with anything. He is very caring. He let me say what was on my mind and didn't talk over me. He did what he said he was going to do and he knew what he was doing. He made himself available to take my calls. He always made me feel important and that my questions weren't trivial - I always got an answer from him. Talking with his secretary was like talking with Paul directly - she got back to us all the time, talked with him, passed on paperwork and got the job done in a very professional manner.

I would send anyone to SiebenCarey. If it isn't something they can handle, they will find someone to help you. The SiebenCarey commercials bring back memories of Paul and what he did for me to help me with my recovery and get me back on my feet.

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