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Dale's Story – "She was on her cell phone"

I never made it to work that morning. It was 7:30 am and I was traveling on Highway 52 on my way to work in Cannon Falls when I was suddenly struck on my driver's door by a full sized van driven by a woman talking on her cell phone and simply not paying attention. The jaws of life were needed to free me from my vehicle and I was immediately flown via helicopter to the hospital. My injuries included a left femur fracture, a compound fracture of my right ankle, a left elbow fracture, a fractured collar bone, a fractured left cheek bone and orbit, a collapsed left lung and significant lacerations to my nose and left eye. I was in the hospital for nearly a month. Bill Bongard helped me get disability benefits and negotiated a favorable settlement for me with the at-fault driver's insurance company.

Bill came to the hospital while I was still in the intensive care unit. He initially met with my family and provided them with guidance and support. He also assured them he would take care of everything and he did just that. This was my first experience with a personal injury attorney and it was a great one. I expected things to drag out and I really didn't want to go to trial but Bill was able to negotiate a settlement and resolve my case in just over a year. Bill was firm with the insurance companies in getting the right things for me with every aspect of my case. He even helped me get long term disability benefits when the insurance company was reluctant to provide them to me.

I have learned from this experience that you need to fight for your rights. It was comforting to know that Bill was fighting for me. He always gave me the options and let me have a voice. He pushed things forward, kept my case on track and followed through on everything. I knew I was in capable hands.

Knowing that Bill was handling my case allowed me to relax, focus on my rehabilitation and move on with my life. I was able to just pass everything on to him and was assured he would take care of it. It is difficult to understand why I was saved from this accident but I have faith, family and friends. I have come a long way in my recovery but I will always have aches and pains and I really don't know what I would have done without Bill throughout this ordeal.

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