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A Dog Owner’s Story – “At that moment, I knew I had picked the right lawyer.”

While visiting my daughter, I took my Labrador out for a walk. A neighbor’s dog charged and attacked my dog, clamping its jaws around my dog’s throat and taking her to the ground, shaking her violently. After a guest of the owner tried to pull their dog off my dog, it attacked a second time, knocking me off my feet so that I dropped to the pavement and onto my back.
We rushed my dog to the emergency veterinarian, where she required a shunt in her throat because of the compression, had suffered a chest puncture and needed a metal stitch in her eye. I then went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with two compression fractures from the fall sustained when the dog bowled me over.  
The police suggested that I contact a personal injury attorney due to homeowner insurance involvement that would likely require civil action. We also learned that this was not a first offense for this dog. I talked with a trusted family member who is a lawyer, and he told me to call Jim Carey. Jim was the first and only lawyer I reached out to because I was convinced he was the correct choice right away. He gave me honest expectations for how long my case would take and understood the law and liability of dog owners. 
I was glad for Jim’s assistance as my recovery was extended. I was referred for physical therapy after a six-week healing period. The compression fractures caused skeletal changes, which affected my shoulder and neck such that physical therapy and chiropractic care extended over an 18-month period.  
Jim was attentive and guided us through with care. His staff was also outstanding. We worked with the paralegals every step of the way, and they were extremely knowledgeable. Phone calls and emails were responded to quickly. When we had to go to court with the liability insurance provider, I was particularly impressed by the paralegal that worked late into the night on the case, researching and adapting as needed.
Jim attempted to settle with the medical insurance company through arbitration. However, the homeowner’s liability insurance company presented me with a settlement offer that would not have even covered my dog’s vet bills, let alone my own medical bills. We went to court to prove the liability of the homeowner. I was surprised and appalled by the insurance company effort to tear down who I was as a person and as a victim. At that moment, I knew I had picked the right lawyer for the job. Jim is at the top of his game, and he deflected these lies with strength and expertise. His closing statement to the jury revealed the charade created by the defendants.  
I would never hesitate to call Jim again, or refer SiebenCarey to a friend or family member with an injury.

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