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Duaine's Story – "Get someone you trust"

My wife and I were enjoying a warm day in April on our motorcycles when a drunk driver crossed the center line, struck my bike and continued on. The driver eventually had to pull over for the flat tire he had sustained as a result of the accident and was subsequently arrested. Due to the severity of the injuries I sustained in this accident, the doctors were unable to save my leg and it had to be amputated below the knee. I also sustained tendon damage to my left hand and had extensive road rash on my left side. At the time of the accident, I was working as a service technician for a cable company and I was not able to return to that line of work. In less than four months, Jim Carey settled my claim for the full policy limits.

I put aside my bitterness and decided I had to move on. I'm in a lot of pain at times and I have trouble sleeping but it could have been a lot worse. Before the accident, I would have said "what do you need a lawyer for"? I can't say that now. Now I say you better get a lawyer because if you can't go back to the same job, you need a way to support yourself so you better get someone you trust.

I didn't have any health insurance so I was a little nervous to contact SiebenCarey but now I have a new leg and all the bills are paid. Jim came to visit me the first or second day I was in the hospital. He was just a down to earth person.

Everyone kept me informed of what they were doing and I knew what to expect. Jim was always concerned about me personally, not just with the case. His staff always asked about me too and that made me feel good. SiebenCarey more than met my expectations. They just did a great job. I would give them a "10." I am sincerely glad that I had Jim Carey on my side.

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