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Keith's Story – "It was life changing"

We thought everything was going to be fine and everybody would live happily ever after but that wasn't quite the way it turned out. It was life changing, no doubt about it. A woman lost control of her car and struck me while I was blowing snow from my driveway. I suffered traumatic brain damage and several other serious injuries. We hadn't planned on contacting an attorney but one of my physicians recommended Harry Sieben so we gave him a call. Harry was very professional and concerned as to how I was doing. I was comfortable with Harry right away. The defense had initially offered only $40,000 to settle my claims so we went to trial. During the five-day trial, Harry called an accountant, an accident reconstructionist, police officers and my former employees to testify. The jury awarded me a verdict of nearly $1 million.

I can't say enough about Harry and the firm. Even today we think the world of him.

Prior to the accident, I had heard of SiebenCarey and thought they were a big firm that worked with corporations. After meeting Harry, that thought was gone. I liked the way he handled himself and the questions he asked me. I didn't even try to find another lawyer. I knew right away he was the guy we needed to hire.

At the time of the accident, I owned a landmark garden store in Rochester, Minnesota but I was eventually forced to close this business due to my injuries. I am happily retired now but it took some time for me to come to terms with the loss of my business. My wife finally told me to just get over it because it was gone and wasn't coming back. I took that to heart and made up my mind that she was right. I made a conscious effort to get over it and it worked.

My affiliation with Harry was the best thing that came out of my accident. He gave me direction which helped to relieve some of the burden and bring me a bit of closure. Now, there is no going back and I have Harry to thank for that. I have recommended others to Harry because he gets the job done. He sure is on top of his game.

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