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Melinda's Story – "She saved my life"

You should have seen my lawyer in the courtroom…she didn't miss a thing. It was great watching her in action with her professional approach and credible composure. She and her team covered every angle and proved the accident wasn't my fault. The jury was obviously persuaded by her too when they returned a verdict which was more than 10 times the amount offered to me to settle the case prior to trial. Her name is Sue Holden and she was my lawyer.

I don't recall the moment of impact but they needed the jaws of life to extract me from my car. I was in and out of consciousness and going into shock. I never saw the other driver prior to the impact. I suffered a femur fracture and pelvic fractures which required surgery. I also suffered a cracked rib and significant lacerations to my face. Over 100 stitches were needed to re-attach my left ear and I had a gash from my hairline to my left eye that also required a lot of stitches.

From the time she appeared at my hospital bed all the way through trial, I was impressed with Sue and so fortunate to have her as my lawyer. The medical expenses incurred in saving my life were a huge burden and I just didn't know how I would recover from my injuries and debt. Fortunately, my dad called SiebenCarey and got me the most capable lawyer in the state of Minnesota. Sue saved my life. I tell others that I know the best and I refer them to SiebenCarey.

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