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Scott's Story – "Thirteen surgeries"

You can't just assume your injury is going to be what it appears to be in the beginning. Initially I was just told that I had a broken toe and it snowballed into a 6 month fight to save my foot, losing my big toe and having to have a stimulator implanted 6 years later in order to control my pain. You just never know.

I sustained a crush injury to my left big toe while I was at work. I was working on the shop floor assembling a 300 pound machine when the metal sheared off one of the wheels and it tipped forward crushing my toe. The infection in my toe was never adequately controlled and my pain was enormous. My left big toe was eventually amputated. I was left with chronic left leg pain following the amputation and ended up in pain clinics and going through various bouts of depression. A spinal cord stimulator was finally implanted in an effort to help control the unrelenting chronic pain. My pain is now finally "manageable." I still work full-time but it is exhausting. It took a long time to adapt, thirteen surgeries and a lot of pain.

I was referred to Cory by my prior attorney because my claim quickly became complex and expensive to handle. Cory told me right up front that my case wasn't going to be a quick sprint but more of a marathon. He spent nearly 5 years pursuing claims against the manufacturers of the machine and the wheel mechanism. Through expert testimony Cory proved that the wheel mechanism had not been properly torqued and tightened at the point of installation and that this failure was the direct cause of my injury and damages. Cory negotiated a confidential settlement with both companies.

I knew I had a great big case so I was thankful to be referred to a great big lawyer at SiebenCarey.

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