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> > > Hockey Career Cut Short, Jury Awards $346,000

Hockey Career Cut Short, Jury Awards $346,000


Litigation Type - Drunk Driving Accidents

Client Injury - Back Injury

Our client, a back-up goalie for the University of Minnesota - Duluth hockey team, and his fiancée were driving home after a hockey game when a drunk driver cut in front of them. Our client collided with the drunk driver and suffered a permanent upper back injury that ended his hockey career. This led to severe depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairments such as short-term memory loss, making it difficult for our client to continue as a college student.

The drunk driver fled the scene and was apprehended four hours later. His blood alcohol level was 0.11. Evidence in the case showed that the drunk driver had been drinking at a Duluth area bar for nearly seven hours and toxicology reports estimated his alcohol consumption at 12 to 14 strong beers. The bar denied any responsibility for the accident, claiming the defendant was not drunk when he left the establishment.

Paul Schweiger proved that under state dram shop laws, both the drunk driver and the bar were responsible for the accident. The jury awarded $346,000.

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