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Icy Roads Cause Serious Crash


Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Neck Injury

Icy roads caused a collision for our client. Our client and her husband were traveling to Colorado to spend time at Christmas with relatives. She was a passenger in a vehicle at the time of a side impact collision to the passenger side. Her case was ultimately a battle with her own insurance company that required Jeffrey Sieben to take this case to court because she was offered only $15,000 to settle the case prior to her trial.

Jeffrey Sieben called our client's chiropractor and neurosurgeon to testify in order to present her claims to the jury. Her chiropractor treated her for 10 years prior to the crash and as recently as six weeks before the crash for neck symptoms. She complained of severe neck pain after the crash and was eventually diagnosed with cervical disc herniation and underwent a Level 2 surgical fusion seven months after the accident.

Ultimately, our client's patience and candidness about prior medical problems helped to convince the jury that she needed help. Her son was able to testify at the trial via Facetime while he was stationed in Afghanistan with the U.S. Air Force. Our client's neighbor and her employer both collaborated what she and her doctors knew; that she suffered permanent injuries from this crash.

Many times we believe that our own insurance company will side with us when we need them. When they do not and people need help, they must turn to a jury of their peers.

The positive outcome for our client was a result of people working together. Our client's medical bills and lost wages were paid as well as compensation for pain and future medical bills. By taking her case to trial, our client knows that her jury believed her.

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