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> > > Investigation of Car Crash Wins Significant Settlement

Investigation of Car Crash Wins Significant Settlement


Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Back Injury

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle pulling a trailer and was rear-ended at night on the Interstate. Although our client’s vehicle was traveling at highway speed, the vehicle approaching from the rear was traveling 6 mph over the speed limit, too fast for the dark conditions, and was not paying attention. That driver slammed into the back of the trailer, caused the trailer to separate from the truck pulling it.

The other driver claimed that she did not see our client’s taillight or that it was not working at the time of the crash. SiebenCarey investigator Jerry Whalen adeptly preserved the remaining taillight pieces from the damaged vehicle. That evidence, along with other wiring evidence, was used to show that the vehicle our client was in was properly equipped with rear-facing lights. Due to the investigation, Jeff Sieben was able to convincingly argue that the at-fault driver had no excuse for smashing into our client’s vehicle at a high speed.

As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, our client had a significant back injury that required surgeries and installation of a pain pump for the rest of his life.

Jeff Sieben won a settlement for our client in the amount of $400,000.

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