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Misdiagnosis Leads to Loss of Lower Leg


Litigation Type - Misdiagnosis

Client Injury - Loss of Lower Leg

Our client, a 56 year-old, went to the ER with right lower extremity pain. He was diagnosed with right lower extremity arterial insufficiency and limb threatening ischemia. The Defendant's surgeon recommended an emergency embolectomy, which was performed.

The intraoperative angiogram revealed a retained clot in the popliteal artery. The surgeon read the angiogram as showing an arterial dissection as opposed to retained clots and did not remove the clot.  Five months later a different surgeon performed a surgical procedure to address another right lower extremity popliteal artery aneurysm with clots in all three tibial arteries. Plaintiff's experts opined that the clot originally left by Defendant's surgeon started another cycle of ischemia damage from the clot, more clot formation in a more distal and technically difficult area and caused the right leg to eventually become un-salvageable.  Nine months after the original surgery, our client's right leg had to be amputated below the knee.

Paul Schweiger filed a claim against the hospital and the surgical clinic and the case was settled for $1,250,000.

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