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Problems with Insurance Companies

When a car, truck, or motorcycle accident occurs, the insurance companies involved may not have the victims' best interests in mind. Problems can arise when victims attempt to gain compensation. These problems are usually of two types:

The Uninsured Driver

When you are in an accident and the at-fault driver is uninsured, it may be difficult for you to obtain compensation. Drivers may carry "uninsured motorist coverage" on their own insurance policies so they are covered in the event that an at-fault driver is uninsured. Our lawyers are experienced in insurance litigation and will help you procure a financial award in the event a driver is uninsured.

The Underinsured Driver

Some drivers may carry the minimum level of insurance coverage that is required by Minnesota law; this amount of coverage can be inadequate. Unfortunately, some of the worst drivers are also the least insured, as their insurance costs may be so high they may decide to carry only a meager amount of insurance. If you are in an auto accident with an underinsured driver, our attorneys will help.


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