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Birth Injuries Have Lifelong Consequences

Childbirth is a joyous occasion for parents. Obstetricians, nurses, and other caregivers who must be diligent in order to ensure that the baby is healthy and that they do not cause a birth injury. Sometimes, despite the immense care taken, birth injury does occur. Many different birth injuries and birth defects can be linked to negligence. Cerebral Palsy, for example, has been linked to a lack of oxygen to the baby's brain during the birth process. A birth injury may also occur during pregnancy; a mother could be prescribed a medication that harms her baby.

If your baby suffered a birth injury, you should contact our Minnesota firm to speak with our birth injury attorneys. The extreme trauma and stress associated with birth injury may make this action seem difficult. But the family of an infant with a birth injury needs to realize that an immediate investigation, the preservation of evidence, and the identification of those responsible are all crucial components of a birth injury case.

Catastrophic life-long injuries can result in catastrophic financial burdens.  How will the baby's highly-specialized and costly care needs be paid for now and throughout the baby's lifetime? Answers to this require skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals. Our attorneys can provide a confidential and free case evaluation.

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