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Driving Drunk Kills More than the Holiday Spirit

Cory P. Whalen - SiebenCarey "Know Your Rights" AttorneyDecember 23, 2013

We can expect a very white Christmas this year; virtually the entire state will be covered by Christmas. Courageous and hardy Minnesotans, however, will brave the elements during our private arctic expeditions as we journey to our respective holiday gatherings and festivities. We at SiebenCarey would like to remind you all to take the necessary precautions this Christmas and holiday season when traveling, especially if you have been drinking.

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Cutting off the tap to drunks is a messy business

Star Tribune, by Curt BrownMarch 26, 2010

Suing the servers

One of the most powerful weapons against bars that serve drunken patrons is the so-called dram shop act, a state law that allows someone to sue a bar or other business for illegally serving alcohol to someone who later dies or suffers an injury.

Attorneys said dram-shop cases rarely go to juries. The bulk of claims are settled out of court, with insurance lawyers negotiating payouts for bars -- almost always on the condition of confidentiality.

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Lawsuit Filed By Wife Of Intoxicated Hockey Fan Settles

Star Tribune, by Paul GustafsonJune 17, 2005

State law does not allow obviously intoxicated persons who are served alcohol to sue parties that sold them drinks, but others who suffer losses as a result - can.

The Minnesota Wild, the Xcel Energy Center's manager and a concession company have reached an out-of-court settlement with a woman whose intoxicated husband was paralyzed in a vehicle crash after being ejected from a Wild game.

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Drunken Wild Fan's Wife Sues

Star Tribune, by Curt BrownDecember 21, 2003

Attorney Harry Sieben, who is representing Rebecca Lodahl, said the law is clear that any negligence on Kris Lodahl's part does not apply to his wife.

Kris Lodahl drank so much at a Minnesota Wild hockey game two years ago that his blood-alcohol level was 0.27 percent, or nearly triple the legal limit for driving.

Guards at the Xcel Energy Center tossed him out of the arena, and on his way home the 37-year-old sheet-metal worker flipped his SUV on a freeway exit ramp. He was seriously injured and remains partly paralyzed. Now his wife, Rebecca Lodahl, has sued the arena's concessionaires, management and team owners.

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Justices Broaden Dramshop Statute

Pioneer Press, by Molly GuthreyJuly 24, 1998

Liquor Law Covers Unmarried Couples, Other Non-Relatives

On the night before Michael Lefto's wedding, a friend of his reportedly got so drunk during their outing at the Hoggsbreath Bar that he couldn't even make it to the bathroom to vomit. The bar's staff, however, allegedly kept serving the friend more alcohol. On the way home, the friend's car rolled and Lefto was thrown from the vehicle. Lefto suffered a serious, permanent brain injury from the crash and was in a coma on his wedding day.

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