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15 Uber Controversies Around the Globe

Arthur C. Kosieradzki - SiebenCarey "Know Your Rights" AttorneyJune 16, 2015

The prodigal son of recent start-ups, Uber is now firmly planted in 200 cities and 51 countries. Uber’s popularity has risen alongside some pretty major backlash - as rapid acclaim usually does. Contention exists in the States around Uber’s history of competitor sabotage, and threatening journalists. However, the implementation of Uber into countries around the world brings with it different laws for its services to accommodate, which has resulted in more controversies abroad.

A company that set the world on fire with its innovation in the taxi service industry, now embarks on a tangled journey of worldwide squabbles. Here are 15 of them.

Our Neighbors:
1. Canada The Mayor of Montreal declared UberX illegal and Toronto is trying to shut Uber down altogether.
2. Belgium Brussels banned Uber in April of 2014 and instituted a fine (equal to about $12,000) for Uber drivers.
3. Britain London’s iconic “black cab” drivers staged a protest against Uber in the summer of 2014.
4. France Uber’s Lyon office faced much resentment after attempting to sync up users with “hot chick” drivers. From car-calling service to call-girl service? “No thank you,” says France.
5. Germany Frankfort determined that Uber simply cannot operate under German Law, and banned them from Germany.
6. The Netherlands UberPop, a system where registered Uber drivers get discounted rides, was found to break driver licensing rules.
7. Russia Ahead of the curve on car-calling apps, Moscow has found Uber superfluous.
8. Spain In October 2014, Madrid divulged plans to subject Uber drivers to a hefty fine. According to the Washington Post, the spanish city has more recently “announced a preliminary nationwide ban on Uber.”
9. India In early December of 2014, New Delhi banned Uber after a driver was arrested for raping a passenger. Indian authorities found that Uber had failed to run proper background checks on its drivers. Before this attack, India viewed Uber as a positive resource in the restrictive lives of women. But no more.
10. Japan Tokyo has forced Uber to jump through various hoops to exist there, including registering as a travel agency due to labyrinthine taxi service laws. They also face much competition with many pre-existing car-calling apps.
11. South Korea Seoul law mandates anyone providing rides for money must have a taxi licence, which puts companies like Uber in direct violation.
12. Taiwan As seen with London, Taipei cab drivers staged a protest against Uber this past summer. Taiwan can also be added to the list of countries where Uber’s basic concept directly opposes legislation.
13. Thailand Thai government vehemently opposed the credit-card only nature of the app, declaring Uber illegal.
The South Pacific:
14. Australia In an effort to combat Uber’s spider-web of a driver insurance policy, a few Australian states have introduced fines on uninsured Uber drivers.
15. Philippines Authorities have gone to great lengths to nab Uber drivers without commercial licences.

Clearly, ascending to international greatness comes at a cost. Uber works to fight global disapproval to stay afloat, spending most of its revenue on marketing strategies and legal cases. But how long can Uber ride the wave of success before being swept under?

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