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Five Generations of Careys Uphold the Family Tradition of Legal Service

SiebenCareyNovember 22, 2017

It all started when James Patrick Carey came to Minnesota from Wisconsin in the late 1800s and began practicing law in the Iron Range town of Virginia, serving as municipal judge there for nearly 40 years. An impressive accomplishment on its own, but the son of Irish immigrants would be particularly proud today knowing that he started a family tradition of legal service that has stretched through five generations, eight more lawyers and three great, great grandchildren in or considering law school.
 “There’s been a lot of independent and strong-willed people in our family,” said Jim Carey, Managing Partner at SiebenCarey and the namesake great grandson of James.  “There wasn’t any pressure to become a lawyer, per se, but we were all strongly encouraged to make a difference in our communities. Protecting the rights of working men and women fit the bill.”
Aside from Jim, SiebenCarey is home to two more lawyers in the Carey legal legacy. John Carey, James’ grandson and Jim’s uncle, is a nationally-recognized medical malpractice attorney and mediator who helped found the law firm. John’s daughter Shannon is also a partner at SiebenCarey and continues in her father’s footsteps as an accomplished medical malpractice and personal injury attorney.

Here’s the complete legal branch of the Carey family tree:

1st Generation
JAMES PATRICK CAREY – Attorney, Municipal Judge, Virginia, Minnesota.
2nd Generation
THOMAS J. CAREY – Attorney, Virginia, Minnesota.
3rd Generation
JOHN W. CAREY – Attorney, SiebenCarey, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
THOMAS H. CAREY – Attorney, District Judge, Virginia and Minneapolis, Minnesota.
MARGARET CAREY – Attorney, Denver, Colorado.
4th Generation
JIM CAREY – Attorney, SiebenCarey, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
SHANNON CAREY – Attorney, SiebenCarey, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
5th Generation
HOLLY DOLEJSI – Attorney, Robins Kaplan, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
ANNA McDONALD AMBROSE – Attorney, Fairbanks, Alaska.
But hold on, there are more Careys ready to take up the family mantle fighting for justice! Jim’s daughter Madeline is now in her first year of law school at William Mitchell while son Nick, a college senior, is considering law school upon graduation. Jim’s niece Erin Carey is also in her second year of law school at the University of New Hampshire.
“A few lawyers in the same family is actually rare here in Minnesota,” said Harry Sieben, Jr., founding partner of SiebenCarey and connected to a family steeped in legal service as well. Brothers Bill and Mike are also prominent Twin Cities personal injury attorneys, son Tom is a criminal defense attorney, and son Jeffrey is a partner at SiebenCarey. “But five generations must be close to a record, especially given that all the Careys have served with such distinction. I’m proud to have known and worked with most of them.”

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