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Move Over Law – Protecting our Protectors

Jeffrey S. Sieben - SiebenCarey "Know Your Rights" AttorneyFebruary 04, 2013

Every year in Minnesota some of our law enforcement officers are horribly injured or killed by inattentive drivers.

In 2000 Minnesota State Patrol Trooper Ted Foss was killed while conducting a routine traffic stop in southern Minnesota. A semi-truck passing by the scene crashed into his patrol car and the stopped vehicle killing Trooper Foss. He was survived by his wife, Andrea; son, Mitchell, age 5; daughter, Hannah, age 2.

Soon after, our Legislature enacted a new law in honor of Trooper Foss. Minnesota Statutes 169.18, subdivision 11 reads: "When approaching and before passing an authorized emergency vehicle that is parked or otherwise stopped on or next to a street or highway having two or more lanes in the same direction, the driver of a vehicle shall safely move the vehicle to a lane away from the emergency vehicle."

In 2008, the Minnesota Legislature amended this law to include road maintenance and construction vehicles. Department officials said this change is needed due to the increasing number of crashes that involve highway workers performing construction, maintenance or emergency repair work.

The next time you see an emergency vehicle along the road, remember these rules:

1) If you are traveling on a roadway with two of more lanes, you must keep a lane away when passing a stopped ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement vehicle.
2) If you are not able to safely move a lane away, reduce your speed.

To view our current legislation please see:

SiebenCarey has represented many law enforcement officers and highway workers that have fallen victim to the negligence of inattentive driving. If you or your loved one has been injured while working as an emergency response person or on your own time, please do not hesitate to contact SiebenCarey.

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