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School District Sued For Negligence

Duluth News Tribune, by Katy StechJune 01, 2004

Duluth News Tribune, by Katy Stech

Wendy Kihlstadius, whose son died in May 2004 after falling off an inflatable obstacle course, says the district, rental company and manufacturer are at fault.

The mother of a Two Harbors teenager who died in May 2004 after falling off an inflatable obstacle course has filed a lawsuit against the school district in Two Harbors and two other defendants.

Eighteen-year-old Seth Kihlstadius died May 21, 2004, after suffering a fatal head injury at a post-prom party. The injury occurred when Kihlstadius flipped off the top of an inflatable obstacle course and landed on his head.

The student's mother filed a lawsuit saying the Lake Superior school district did not provided adequate training for parents who were supervising the device.

"I'm sure the parents at these things want to do a good job supervising, but someone needs to educate them, and that's the job of the manufacturer and the business that is going to rent them out," said Duluth attorney Paul Schweiger of SiebenCarey, who represented Kihlstadius.

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