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The Crucial Role of Investigators in Personal Injury Cases

Cory P. Whalen - SiebenCarey "Know Your Rights" AttorneySeptember 10, 2013

One of the things that distinguishes SiebenCarey from most other law firms is that we employ two full-time investigators. Most other firms hire outside investigators on an ad hoc basis.

We keep investigators on staff because of the invaluable role they play in helping our lawyers achieve great results for our clients. With more than sixty five years of experience serving our clients, our two investigators have a level of expertise and understanding of personal injury cases that would be difficult, perhaps next to impossible, to replicate in a freelance investigator hired on an “as needed” basis. Here’s just one of many examples of the valuable role our investigators play:

In one case, we had no eyewitness to support the testimony of our client who was involved in a car accident. Our investigator discovered that a man was standing at a nearby bus stop when the accident occurred. But how could we find this mystery witness?

Through old-fashioned persistence and hard work, that’s how. Our investigator returned to the bus stop day after day at the exact time of the accident interviewing witnesses, until one day, the eyewitness showed up. The effort was worth it. The man’s testimony was a crucial factor in helping us win the case for our client.

Thanks to our dedicated staff of investigators, when it comes to finding key evidence, we’re not going to miss the bus.

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