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Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help after a dog bite

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog attack, you need an experienced dog bite attorney. Dog owners are legally responsible when their dog bites or injures someone. In many cases, their homeowners insurance will pay for your injuries and lost wages.

In addition to incurring medical expenses and lost income, a dog bite may cause permanent physical and emotional scarring. The victim of a dog bite may need plastic surgery for his or her wounds, and if the victim is a child, the plastic surgery may be delayed until the child is older and has stopped growing. The emotional and physical costs of a severe dog bite are high.

Kid Proof Your Dog. Dog Proof Your Kid.

Warning signs that an animal is ready to attack:

  • Growling snarling or aggressive barking
  • Holding his head low, with his tail between his legs
  • Fur and ears raised, body still and tail high
  • He is unnaturally still or unresponsive

What you can do to prevent a dog attack:

  • Never run from or turn your back on a dog, even if it chases you.
  • Stop, stand still, and be quiet.
  • Don't make eye contact with a dog who shows aggressiveness - it may be perceived as a challenge.
  • Even if a dog seems menacing, never hit or attack it. Remain calm and let the dog sniff the back of your fist-it will probably lose interest and go away.
  • Don't pet a dog without asking its owner's permission, and never pet a dog that is tied up.
  • Don't put your face near a dog's face, or hug a dog. These are threatening gestures to an animal.
  • Don't surprise or touch a dog that is sleeping, eating, or playing with a toy. Its instinct will be to defend its territory or possessions with aggressive behavior.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog attack, you have the right to recover damages. SiebenCarey experienced dog bite attorneys will evaluate your case for free and help you receive the justice you deserve.