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We’re Proud of Our Support for Minnesota Labor Unions, Working Men and Women.

Union-page-(1).jpgHealth and safety is an issue for all working men and women in Minnesota, especially as risks in the workplace are always changing. Every year, thousands of people suffer accidents at work.  Our team of workers’ compensation lawyers and work site investigators specialize in injury claims for unions and union members and have handled thousands of cases for union workers injured on the job in Minnesota.

This reflects a long tradition of support for labor unions and workers’ rights that goes back to the founding of our law firm, the leadership of former House Speaker Harry Sieben, and continues today. We believe that every local labor union should be represented by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for their members’ workers’ compensation cases, just like every company’s workforce should be represented by organized labor.

We know insurance companies are not going to tell you about all the benefits you are entitled to receive when you are injured at work. Our workers’ compensation attorneys continue to define and expand the scope of benefits available to our clients, including college degrees for qualified clients suffering career-ending injuries. Our expertise includes helping our clients obtain the very best medical care available while avoiding the employer-sponsored medical care designed to help the employer save money rather than properly treat the injured worker.

For over 42 years, the SiebenCarey law firm has been actively involved in labor unions in Minnesota. We are very proud of that association.

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