Only a Caring, Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Will Protect Your Rights After a Work-Related Injury or Illness

Once you have reported your work injury to your employer, your rights under Minnesota workers’ compensation laws kick in immediately. It doesn’t matter who is at fault, it doesn’t matter what job you were doing, it doesn’t matter where you work or what company you work for. At a minimum, all your medical care is covered. And if you miss work, you are entitled to part of your salary. Period!

Don’t Be Confused, Abused or Ignored

It sounds simple enough: In exchange for doing your job, your employer should take care of you if you suffer a job injury. But if you are reading this right now, you may have discovered that loyalty only goes one way. You may feel your employer or your employer’s work comp insurance company and their pricey lawyers are trying to take advantage of you.

Or – as we have seen far too often in the past – you are being told your injury isn’t related to your job and that if you persist, you may suffer retaliation for filing a claim. Or you could just be lost in the fog of bureaucratic red tape surrounding Minnesota workers’ compensation laws.

Take Charge with a Leading Work Comp Lawyer from SiebenCarey

The solution: Take charge with a name that will command the immediate respect of the company brass, pushy insurance adjusters and high-profile defense attorneys – a “Know Your Rights” SiebenCarey work comp lawyer. From the first call, you’ll know you made the right decision as you discover we listen carefully to all your concerns and questions.

You’ll be relieved to hear that we know exactly what you are going through and how much this injury has disrupted your life and the lives of those closest to you. You will then get an honest appraisal of your case, the compensation and benefits you should be receiving, and all your legal options under work comp laws in Minnesota.

Trusted by People You Know

Every MN workers’ compensation attorney will tell you about his or her qualifications and accomplishments. But if you depend only on résumés to decide whom you should talk to about your work comp case, you might think there isn’t much difference between one attorney and another. Here’s why those in the know will recommend SiebenCarey:

Referred by Clients, Friends, Family and Other Attorneys

There is no greater sign of trust than referrals from people who know your track record firsthand. While some firms depend on high-pressure advertising for most of their clients, the workers’ comp attorneys at SiebenCarey are distinguished by an exceptionally high rate of referrals from clients, friends, family members and other attorneys.

Recognized, Respected by the Legal Profession

Who better to ask about the legal skills of an attorney than another attorney! On that measure, several accident attorneys at SiebenCarey have earned widespread recognition, including:

  • Best Lawyers in America, compiled through an exhaustive peer-review survey of other top lawyers throughout the United States
  • Super Lawyers and Rising Stars, a distinction granted to only 5 percent of Minnesota’s personal injury attorneys
  • Best Law Firms, U.S. News & World Report, based on rigorous review that includes client and lawyer evaluations

70-Year Tradition of Fighting for Working Minnesotans

Founded in 1952 as the first law firm in Minnesota focused entirely on personal injury, SiebenCarey has represented more than 65,000 people, including thousands hurt on the job. From day one, the firm chose to represent “the little guy” rather than big business and other wealthy interests.

To that end, many SiebenCarey attorneys, investigators and staff have stood together with their friends from organized labor to expand workers’ compensation benefits and improve safety in the workplace. Hence, SiebenCarey is recommended first by many Minnesota trade union leaders when a member reports a job site injury.

There Are Big Advantages to a Full-Service Personal Injury Practice

Furthermore, we are one of the few major personal injury firms in Minnesota that offers representation for both worker’s compensation and personal injury claims. The advantages to you include:

Big-Firm Resources, Small-Firm Attention

An exceptional team of legal professionals supports every workers’ compensation lawyer at SiebenCarey. Experienced investigators, paralegals and legal assistants know Minnesota’s complex workers’ compensation system inside and out. They’ll work in concert with your attorney, health care providers, expert witnesses and others to collect vital information in support of your case.

And no need to worry that you will get lost in the shuffle by working with one of Minnesota’s largest personal injury and work comp law firms. Each of our clients stays with the same attorney-team every step of the way. So you’ll become part of a small family that truly cares about injured people and are passionate about making a difference in their lives … including yours!

Third-Party Representation

Workers’ compensation covers medical bills, wage loss, disability payments and retraining regardless of who is at fault. In some cases, however, you can pursue additional compensation if you are injured due to the negligence of someone else other than your employer, a co-worker or yourself. These are called third-party claims and may be brought against the manufacturer of a defective product used while at work, for example, or a careless subcontractor who creates unsafe working conditions.

In cases like these, we combine the significant resources available to both our workers’ comp lawyers and our award-winning personal injury attorneys to pursue two claims on your behalf. At most other law firms, you would need to hire an outside lawyer to pursue a third-party claim.

MN Workers’ Comp Clients, Others Tell Their Stories

Clients, past clients and others tell how SiebenCarey made a difference in their lives:

Adam: Life Changed In an Instant

We asked three of our best friends to help us find the best workers’ compensation law firm in Minnesota for our son and all three came up with SiebenCarey.

Read more

Danielle: Going Above and Beyond

My SiebenCarey attorney gave me the confidence to fight for my rights when I’m sure I would have given up if it hadn’t been for him.

Read more

Jennifer: Accessible, Professional, Caring

When the insurance company denied the bills, they were sent to me to pay out of pocket. As the bills mounted, I had to get help.

Read more

Clint: They Listened to Me

A simple errand for my employer on my lunch break turned into a horrific accident.

Read more

Attorney & Client Kevin: My Reputation Is On the Line

The people I send to SiebenCarey feel like they took care of them, and they care about them.

Read more

Ready to Take the Next Step?

1 step

Report Your Injury FIRST

  • Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Not doing so may jeopardize your rights
  • After receiving medical attention, let your employer know your condition and when you plan to return.
  • Look for proof from your employer’s insurance company that your employer filed a claim as required by law.
  • You should know within 14 days whether your benefits will be paid or denied.
2 step

Call Us IMMEDIATELY If There’s Trouble

  • A lot can go wrong after you’ve reported your work injury. Your employer’s insurance company may say the injury wasn’t work related or as serious as you claim. Your employer might try to stop you from filing a claim or threaten to retaliate if you do. Or you might discover your employer doesn’t have workers’ comp insurance.
  • Call us 24/7 toll free at 1 (800) 4-RIGHTS or click here to tell us more. We’re ready to listen and help you solve your dispute without a lawsuit if possible at no charge to you.
  • If you are not receiving the workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to and legal action is necessary, your work comp lawyer, legal staff and investigators will:
  1. Document the cause and extent of your job-related health problem
  2. Deal with your company and its insurance carrier
  3. Select health professionals and rehabilitation consultants who specialize in your situation
  4. Prepare for arbitration and other proceedings
  5. Consider the possibility of a Third Party lawsuit
3 step

Get the Benefits You Are Entitled To

  • The amount of work comp you receive depends on the severity of your work injuries and the amount of time you are unable to work. At a minimum, all reasonable medical bills in your case will be covered under Minnesota workers' compensation laws, including chiropractic care and physical therapy sessions.
  • You may be entitled to additional benefits if you suffer a permanent disability, you return to work at a lower wage, or if you are unable to ever return to work again. The dependents of a worker killed on the job are entitled to workers’ comp benefits as well.
  • Rehabilitation and retraining are also available to help you go back to work.

You Can Afford Legal Excellence

No question the other side will have the deep pockets necessary to hire silk-stocking attorneys and expert witnesses. The good news is you too can afford the legal excellence necessary to go toe-to-toe with anyone denying you the benefits you deserve. That’s because SiebenCarey handles workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis, and that means you only pay if we win. Furthermore, attorney fees in work comp cases are capped under Minnesota law.

Don’t Delay and Risk Forfeiting Your Rights …

Generally, you should report your on-the-job injury to your employer within 30 days. Under some circumstances, you may have up to 180 days. Even if you missed these cutoffs and never reported your injury, there may still be options available to you.

But why delay? Start the ball rolling by reporting your injury as soon as possible. If proper benefits are denied, you will have at least three years to file a claim, and depending on the circumstances, maybe more. We’ve helped some clients recover benefits 10, 15 and even 20 years after their workplace injuries.

… Or Take a Chance on Less Experienced Representation

Mention SiebenCarey to anyone in Minnesota’s workers’ compensation community, and we know you will hear that our attorneys are held in the highest regard – even by their adversaries. On anything so important as your recovery and future well-being, why take a chance on less experienced representation?

Tell us about your case today! We’ll show you why so many working Minnesotan’s just like you have trusted the experienced professionals at SiebenCarey to fight for their rights

Accept No Substitutes: Talk to a Know Your Rights Work Comp Attorney

Attorneys referred by friends, family and organized labor; nominated for recognition by their peers; and supported by seasoned legal professionals – all dedicated to getting you back on your feet again after a work injury. And the best news? You can afford this top-notch legal representation.

The call is free. The advice is free. The rest is up to you.

Call us at 1-800-4-RIGHTS (24 hours a day)


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Client Reviews

out of 58 reviews
Rich Huth

Eric Beyer is the best!!! Definitely above a five star rating.

Greg Peterson

Top Class lawyers. Care about their people.

Justin Vinje

I use Mark Olive as my lawyer and have no complaints. He has been amazing and I have been so happy to have him.


Bob Brabbit was both my husband Doug and my attorney for our work comp injuries. He was amazing! The best attorney EVER!! Did such an amazing job for both our cases over the years!

We never had anything to worry about, as we knew from day one that we were in good hands when it came to Bob handling both our cases..  Bob is so very respectful, caring, compassionate, kind hearted, and really knows all the legal aspects of how to really win your case!  Whenever we needed any questions answered, Bob never hesitated on getting back to us right away.. I tell all my friends and anyone who needs a great attorney about Bob Brabbit! He is the BEST in our minds! We have great proof of that!

Thanks Bob for all your hard work and amazing professionalism and getting the job well done!

Dean Tabor

You made sure I got all the help I needed! Mark Olive made sure that I got the best compensation possible through mediation. In the long run your office made me feel like you were looking out for my best interest all the way around, and yes I have recommended your group to people that have asked who helped me!

Lon Nystrom

Danielle and Alison were honest and professional with my case. Very pleased with the results. Everyone worked hard and did an excellent job. Nice to know you have someone in your corner. They have helped get my quality of life back.

Kole Pederson

Robert Brabbit is the attorney reviewed here. I was injured in an accident at work and needed representation in my workers comp case. After thoroughly researching, I decided on SiebenCarey. Mr. Brabbit took my case and informed me right from the beginning what he thought was the best decision moving forward. Throughout the process, he ensured that I was promptly informed of any updates. He walked me through any paperwork related to the case over the phone and made sure that I understood everything. He was very good about not simply telling me what to do, but instead consulting me and getting my opinion, then making suggestions and informing me of his reasoning. The final settlement was agreed on, and it was precisely the outcome I desired from the start of the case. While I can't say I would ever wish to be his client again due to the nature of his work being injuries, he would be my first choice if I ever needed this type of service in the future. I will be recommending him to anyone who needs his type of services.

Ted Oscarson

I'm very pleased with the results of association with Sharon and Mark. Sharon was a wonderful intermediary between myself and Mark. He handled several disputes between me and my employer, all in my favor. He then negotiated a very good settlement for my injuries when my employer would no longer allow me to continue my employment with them.

Brad Rabold

I would like to say,  I couldn't have found a better attorney for my situation.
I had gotten hurt on the job, Mark Olive handled my case and after 20 years, he is still there for me..

Eric Sumner

Danielle Bird did a great job and she was very aggressive on getting things done. I was always informed what was going on. Very personal and especially when she was going through a maternity on leave. Still worked on my case no matter what. She is a true warrior in my opinion. When you as a client are suffering from the injustices from your work place, work comp, insurance you need someone who will fight for you like a "wolverine". This law firm is titled best super lawyers for a reason.

Brook Arseneau

Wonderful experience! I highly recommend Eric Beyer.

Teresa Zweber

I retained Robert Brabbit in 2011 for a workmans comp case. I have been extremely pleased with him as my attorney. He won the first part of my case with ease, he has great knowledge and professionalism and am anxious to see the end results of my settlement. I would recommend him highly and he won against a major retail store.

Nathan Vanderlinde

I wanted to say just how valuable Mark and his talented associates were to me. It was nice for SiebenCarey to take care of everything.Thank you.

Lynn Wareberg

Patient, smart and professional.  If you need help with your workers compensation case, look no further.

Karen Braye
Angelo Braye - I had a very good experance with my workmans Comp case through Sieben Cary Law Firm. Their dedication to duty and professionalism was at the most highest standard. Robert Brabbit was very sincere during all of our conversations. I was provided with excellent customer service . Sieben Carey Law Firm come highly recommended.
Rebecca Catton

I was fortunate to have worked with Robert Brabbit for the past 4 1/2 years. He and his team assisted me during a lengthy and difficult process providing me with support, knowledge, hope, resources and honesty. I am so very grateful for everything! Thank you Bob!

Phil Pearson

If it were all about the settlement, I would give Bob Brabbit 5 stars. He and his staff were so much more though. There was the patience to take us through this two year long ordeal. Answering our questions and explaining to us what was going on. There was the knowledge Bob had to take on a big insurance company. And last there was the determination to get us the best possible deal. Bob was referred to me by a friend in the legal business and I would be proud to recommend him and his staff to anyone with workman's compensation problems. Great job Bob!!!!!

Kimberly Stern

Mark Olive represented me in a Work Comp Claim. He went above and beyond, got results and helped my family with what was rightfully mine. I applaud he and his paralegal Sharon. If you have a legit injury, he's the guy you wanna talk to.

Jody Draper

I have had very long trying Workman's Compensation injury case and Eric Beyer and his assistant Rita Cerny have been totally amazing!! Always so informative and helpful!!

I strongly recommend using Eric as your advocate and personal lawyer!! You will not be disappointed!! Thank you Eric and Rita!! I could not of done this without you!!!

Laurian Reiners

Mark Olive did an absolutely fantastic job helping Jim during his ordeal with the company he worked for.  The outcome made it so that Jim could retire after the settlement.  We could not asked for a better representative for him.

Hally Sharrow

Compassionate, skilled and highly experienced! Eric and Rita are the BEST! Their honesty and integrity are unsurpassed. Forever grateful for their guidance, support and representation. GXB for life!

Judy Rother

Mike Scully represented me in a Work comp claim. He went above and beyond to help me. I always felt and knew Mike was always in my corner and had my back.

Thank you again so much Mike for what you did!!!!!!!

Mike and Carol Anderson

Five stars to Eric and Rita!! After filing a work comp claim, being denied, and told from a medical professional that I had waited to long to file the claim I was feeling hopeless. I decided to meet with Eric and was informed about the Gillette law. I am so grateful to Eric for his knowledge, experience, guidance and compassion. Thank you to Rita for your calls, emails and for keeping me updated and informed!
Mike Anderson

Christine Zweber

I have known Mark Olive for many years!  Mark has navigated me through several work related injuries in the world of Workman's Comp(WC) issues since 1987. 

Mark and his team (especially Sharon Hanson) are so amazing...knowledgeable, innovative, persistent, honest, hard-working, informative, great communication skills, organized, kind, caring, accessible, trust-worthy, sensitive to employee's concerns, great listeners, advocates, able to lead workers who are struggling to make sense of a VERY complicated system (WC), and so extremely professional in every way!!  Mark is able to explain even the most mind-boggling legal jargon, information, details, and the 'plan' to an employee in a way that is simply honest and sensible. 

Mark and his team truly work to improve the lives of workers who have been injured on-the-job with integrity, thoroughness, legal thoughtfulness, and perseverance.
I will continue to recommend Mark and his team to educational professionals who have been injured on-the-job as well as to friends in other professions.  Lastly, I have been fortunate to experience who I believe is the best Attorney in the Twin Cities area!!

Thank you for everything Mark & team!  Chris Zweber
Richard Johnson

Excellent. Eric Beyer is an excellent attorney. I would recommend him to anyone, and I have.

Scott Wilson

I've worked with Art Kosieradzki as co-counsel in a number of major personal injury and coverage cases, and I know his abilities. He is a top-flight trial lawyer and he has the results to prove it. At least two of his attributes may not be immediately apparent, however: First, he's creative and has achieved large recoveries where a lesser lawyer might have given up. Second, he cares and he has time for people. The latter is a precious quality in our hard-driven profession. Add to that an excellent and personable staff and the backing of the powerhouse SiebenCarey law firm, and what you have in Art is simply this: the right lawyer.

Jenna L. at Insider Pages

I have had nothing but great service with these guys. They are very knowledgable on a wide variety of subjects and topic. They will help you with any case you need!

Troy Rognrud

In June of 2013 I was enjoying a ride on my vintage motorcycle, and was severely injured by an inattentive motorist, sending me to the hospital, physical therapy, and amassing a considerable amount of debt.

Fortunately I made contact with Robert Hauer, and Paul Downes with SiebenCarey!
Paul walked me through the entire process, explaining in layman's terms as to what to expect, and he continued to keep me informed as each step was reached.

Ultimately we used mediation to reach a settlement that allowed me to pay off my outstanding bills, and to bank an amount that gave me some peace of mind.
If by some unfortunate incident you ever have need for the services of a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend SiebenCarey... Thanks Paul!

Daniel Ball

Really good professionals, they solved my issues in no time using the most impressive and advanced approach. Really good, highly recommended.

Annalise Backstrom

I worked for Art at SiebenCarey for a few years while I was in college and it was a great experience. Art is always friendly and treats everyone with respect, including his clients. He is extremely intelligent and a fantastic attorney. I can confidently say that Art and his staff go above and beyond for their clients and work incredibly hard on all of their cases. They are passionate, trustworthy, and dedicated. If you're looking for representation in a personal injury matter, go see Art Kosieradzki with SiebenCarey - I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Paul Stearns
I had a very good experience with JIm CAREY and colleagues. Recommend him to anybody. So helpful throughout the whole experience.
Cynthia Vermeulen

I have worked on cases with Sue Holden of Sieben Carey for over 20 years. As a trial attorney, I feel confident referring my clients with personal injury issues to Sue, as I know she and her team take the time to listen to their clients, explore and explain their options, monitor their recovery with compassion and persistently advocate for them in negotiations and in court. Sue has the utmost credibility in the legal community and an ability to resolve complex problems. She is highly respected by the courts as well as attorneys for her competence and steadfast dedication to helping injured people. I recommend working with Sue Holden and her team without reservation.

Tanya Miller

I have been working with Art for many years now, and have always been impressed by the care he gives his clients. Art and his staff are compassionate, dedicated people that I would trust with any personal injury crisis.

Hynek Hermann
My experience with Art and his staff was great! Excellent communication and a timely handling of my case. I highly recommend Art and the whole Lakeville SiebenCarey office. I'm definitely coming back should I need legal services in the future.
Barbara White
There is no pain like seeing a grandchild suffer, especially with what will be a life-long injury! I will always be thankful to God for Jeffrey Sieben who came through for us in a remarkable way! You are an extraordinary person and attorney! By, the way, my grandson has made great strides!
Gregory Leaf
Excellent performance and results in managing my child's personal injury issue. Would recommend Art to anyone needing serious legal representation.
Elliot Schadegg
Had a welcoming and great experience. Also learned a lot from a good group that’s in it to win it for your best interests. Jeff Sieben is fantastic to work with. Thank you !
Susan McIntosh

Art and his staff are extremely professional and easy to work with. Having a local attorney is very convenient. It is clear these folks have been doing this a long time. I highly recommend this firm!

Robin Wilson

Attorney Kosieradzki is a man of intelligence, experience and integrity. I would whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone.

Sheryl Nixon

Jeff Sieben was the first one I talked to about my injury. I was not sure if there was even a case. But as the months went by and my pain got worse, the seriousness of the injury became apparent. Jeff took on the case and put me at ease about the medical bills and calls. He was professional in his attitude while being compassionate to my situation. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so. 

Bob Levin

I was very pleased with John and the services he provided. I would highly recommend him.

Scott Reeve

The Lakeville SiebenCarey office has been great to work with. They listen and they care about their clients. I have very much enjoyed getting to know the folks in Lakeville, and would highly recommend any of the SiebenCarey Personal Injury Attorneys.

Art Kosieradzki from the Lakeville office cares about each of his clients and is an excellent attorney.

Align Chiropractic

Art and his team at SiebenCarey in Lakeville are top notch. Professionally, they are very easy to work with. I know first hand that their clients are taken care of. If you have been in an Auto Accident, or have experienced any type of injury. Art and his team at SiebenCarey are where you need to go.

Steve Miller

I've know Art Kosieradzki and the folks at SiebenCarey for nearly 30 years. When my mother-in-law needed an attorney after a roll-over accident, I sent her to SiebenCarey. They were compassionate and professional. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a personal injury lawyer they can trust.

Ryan Betzina

I have known Mr. Kosieradzki for several years and every patient who has ever consulted him for legal services has given him rave reviews. His level of communication with me and my patients is outstanding. For anyone needing legal advice on a personal injury matter we highly recommend him and his team!

Roberta Jordan

My family was referred to Susan Holden at SiebenCarey by our hometown attorney in a wrongful death case.  She was very accommodating to us and very approachable. Staff was top notch and doggedly pursued two different insurance companies to accomplish an outcome far beyond anything we'd anticipated. We could not have gotten results close to what she achieved without her. We will be forever appreciative. 

St. Paul Local 12

Thanks for everything, your experience paid off BIG!!!

Tara Papacek
Great experience on a long and complicated case which ended with an excellent outcome.
Molly Hoffard
Art, Bev, and Emily were easy to work with and answered all of my questions and kept me informed every step of the way. They are friendly and quick to respond via email or phone call. This was the first time I have ever needed to hire a lawyer and they exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone.
Thai Vuong

I had the opportunity to work with Art and his staff. They were fabulous and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. They helped me through my claim getting a result beyond my expectations.

Kelli Bechtel

Finding a great personal injury attorney can make all the difference in the world on how your case turns out. I’ve known Art and his staff for years having had the opportunity to see what they can do. If something unfortunate happens and you want results, answers and the ability to feel comfortable with your representation, give them a call. I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to get to know them.

Charlie Jack

I find SiebenCarey one of the best legal service providers. All the attorneys are highly educated and experienced. They value their clients and help them with the best legal advices. Highly recommended to those in need of some sort of legal advices.

Steve Erwin

I have referred several personal injury and wrongful death cases to Susan Holden for handling. Susan has been very professional in her approach to these cases and has obtained settlements on behalf of the clients. She also is very courteous, knowledgeable, and has a great "bedside manner" in dealing with her clients. Several clients have thanked me for referring their cases to Susan.

Mike Wilson
Very grateful & appreciative of the treatment we received from Matt S. He was knowledgeable & addressed all the concerns I had. I'd highly recommend working with SiebenCary. They will definitely take care of you!
Alyssa Mark

If you want a caring and skilled lawyer with integrity I highly recommend Art Kosieradzki. The thing that immediately struck me was that he seemed to genuinely care about me and my situation. I felt comfortable right away. He and his staff are great to work with; they are highly competent and knowledgeable. He helped me and my family greatly, and I can't thank him enough!

Jazz Smith

SiebenCarey is a professional and dedicated law organization that help accident victim.

Sean Tyson

Had a great response and was very pleasant. The whole process was simple and easy and had more than I thought.

Sarah Peterson

It was a great experience working with Jim and his entire team! Always felt well taken care of and someone was always there to answer my many questions! Thanks!

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