No One Plans for an Injury or Accident.

So it’s no surprise if you feel overwhelmed. You’re worried sick about what’s going to happen to you or loved ones after an auto accident, medical malpractice injury, workplace injury or other unexpected accident. Then there’s that nagging concern that you are getting the runaround from a system you don’t understand. You need to take action NOW and talk to a top-shelf personal injury attorney from SiebenCarey. Here’s why:

Trusted by People You Trust

Most people are recommended to SiebenCarey's personal injury lawyers by their friends and family, a past client or other attorneys. That's because we have represented more than 65,000 people throughout the region since we were founded in 1952 as Minnesota’s original personal injury law firm.

Recognized SUPER Lawyers

All personal injury law firms are not created equal: 16 trial attorneys at SiebenCarey were named Super Lawyers™ and Rising Stars by rigorous peer nomination and evaluation. Only 5 percent of Minnesota lawyers make the Super Lawyers cut. Beyond our auto accident attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, workers' compensation attorneys and specialty lawyers that cover everything from class action to product liability cases, our attorneys have a full support staff to ensure your legal team rivals that of the big insurance companies.

Ready to Pass Your Gut Check

Everyone here - from investigators, paralegals, legal assistants and personal injury attorneys – will set you at ease with a caring attitude, genuine passion and professionalism that are tradition at SiebenCarey. You’ll feel back in control of your future.


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Clients Sound Off

Focused On You

They make you feel like they have dropped all their other clients and they are just focused on your family. That is what it felt like. Watch video

They Can Help

I grew to trust SiebenCarey because they put our minds at ease whenever we had questions. They were right there. Watch video

Getting Back to Normal

My attorney from SiebenCarey truly cared about who I was as a person and helped me get back to some sense of normalcy. Watch video

Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney

Changing Lives

Jim Carey, Managing Partner

“ People come to us because their lives have been changed, sometimes forever. Our goal is to take away the worry ... worry about getting back to work, paying the mortgage and putting food on the table. When you help people get back on their feet, you feel like you are changing lives for the better. That’s what inspires us at SiebenCarey. ”