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Investigators Valuable Asset to Your Legal Team

SiebenCarey is one of the few law firms to have its own full-time staff investigators.

We have two full-time staff investigators, Andy Miklesh and Jerry Whalen. Between the two of them, there are over 65 years of experience at work for our clients. They are experienced in investigating wrongful death cases, product liability, premises liability, automobile accidents and all types of third party actions.

Having permanent staff investigators of this caliber has proved invaluable to the success of our attorneys.

Andy heads our investigation department. With the firm since 1979, Andy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement. He is a member of NALI (National Association of Legal Investigators), SOAR (Society of Accident Reconstructionists) and IAARS (International Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists).

Jerry, with the firm since 1983, has a paralegal Bachelor of Science degree and is a member of NALI (National Association of Legal Investigators). He is also a Minnesota licensed private investigator.

Andy and Jerry have investigated thousands of cases and their diligence has provided evidence and testimony to support our clients' claims and made it possible for our attorneys to win their cases.

How important are our investigators to successfully representing our clients? Here are just two examples among many from our files …

  • A dump truck hit a cement overpass with its box, causing it to cross the median and hit several other vehicles. The driver of the truck claimed that a mechanical failure had caused the box to come up just as the truck passed under the overpass. Our investigator discovered a witness, on vacation in Switzerland after the accident, who had not been contacted by police. He testified that the truck had actually been traveling with its box up for some time before striking the overpass. This testimony prompted the truck owner's insurance company to settle the case before going to trial.
  • We had no eyewitness to support the testimony of a client involved in a car accident. Our investigator discovered that there was a man standing at a nearby bus stop when the accident occurred. So he went to the bus stop at the exact same time of day for several days following the accident and interviewed passengers. Eventually he was able to find the mystery witness whose testimony helped win the case.

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