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A Dog Owner’s Story – “At that moment, I knew I had picked the right lawyer.”

While visiting my daughter, I took my Labrador out for a walk. A neighbor’s dog charged and attacked my dog, clamping its jaws around my dog’s throat and taking her to the ground, shaking her violently. After a guest of the owner tried to pull their dog off my dog, it attacked a second time, knocking me off my feet so that I dropped to the pavement and onto my back. Read More

Adam's Story – "Life changed in an instant"

My son, Adam, only 15 at the time, suffered a serious brain injury when he lost control of an ATV and hit a tree while performing clean up work for … Read More

Alyssa's Story - "They Genuinely Care About Me"

If you want a caring and skilled lawyer with integrity I highly recommend Art Kosieradzki. He helped me and my family greatly, and I can't thank him enough! Read More

Annalise's Story - "Passionate, Trustworthy And Dedicated"

I can confidently say that Art and his staff go above and beyond for their clients and work incredibly hard on all of their cases. They are passionate, trustworthy, and dedicated. Read More

Ashley's Story - "Matt's help made a big difference in my life”

A young Anoka teen practicing for her driver’s test was stopped at a stop when a drunk driver slammed into the rear of the vehicle she was driving. Read More

Barbara's Story - "Caring and Concerned Relationship"

I came worked with Art following a fall. I was very impressed with how caring and concerned Art and his staff were regarding my situation. Read More

Bob's Story - "Experience and Knowledge"

I am so pleased that Art and his staff were able to wade through this very complex case and bring it to the best resolution possible. I now have the financial ability to try and put my life back together and get back to as near a normal life as I possibly can. Read More

Brandon's Story - "A personal relationship"

As a union advocate, it's important to me that the attorney I refer one of my members to is someone I can trust. Jeff Sieben is a great example of a business relationship that has become a trusted friendship. Read More

Brenda's Story - "Helped Me Through The Most Difficult Time of My Life"

Art has helped me through what was the most difficult time in my life after my daughter was killed in a car accident. Read More

Brian's Story – "It does get easier"

Our son, Brian, was dropped off by his mom at the Mall of America where he intended to meet friends and go from there to a non-alcoholic dance. Brian never … Read More

Carole's Story – "Never too busy"

I was on my way to the grocery store when a young kid took his eyes off the road and rear-ended me at a stop light. I suffered immediate pain in my … Read More

Carol's Story - "Absolute Best"

I wanted to let you know how grateful and impressed I am with the representation I received from you and your staff. Read More

Cheryl's Story - "Amazing Service"

Jim Carey is down-to-earth, understanding, compassionate, extremely focused and downright brilliant. Read More

Christopher's Story – "Life was standing still"

My son was taken from us suddenly and tragically at the young age of only 49. He did everything for me and I found that I didn't even know how to … Read More

Cinde's Story – "Back on my feet again"

I was only one block away from home when I was struck by a car driven by an inattentive driver who ran the stop sign. I am forced to relive that horrible day … Read More

Clint's Story – "Jim listened to me"

A simple errand for my employer on my lunch break turned into a horrific accident. I was riding my motorcycle and had slowed down for a set of railroad tracks when … Read More

Clint's Story 2 – "We had a fight on our hands"

A simple errand for my employer on my lunch break turned into a horrific accident. I was riding my motorcycle and had slowed down for a set of railroad tracks when … Read More

Cynthia's Story - "My Clients Are In Good Hands"

As an attorney, my experience working with Susan Holden of Sieben Carey has been excellent. I have referred several clients to Sue Holden as I know that my clients will be given the respect, time and attention which they deserve. Read More

Dale's Story – "She was on her cell phone"

I never made it to work that morning. It was 7:30 am and I was traveling on Highway 52 on my way to work in Cannon Falls when I was suddenly struck … Read More

Danielle's Story - "Eric Goes Above And Beyond For His Clients"

Eric Beyer has become more of a trusted colleague and friend to me than just a lawyer. Read More

Danyce's Story – "Red light runners more dangerous than ever"

After spending the day with my granddaughter visiting relatives, we were headed home, like many times before. We were traveling the same route … Read More

Darlene's Story - "Matt was always there when we had questions"

“Without Matt’s help, my husband and I would never have made it through all of the challenges the insurance companies threw at us." Read More

David's Story – "Jim's confidence helped me trust him"

I was driving to work when another driver went through a stop light. I had a broken hand, stitches and a totaled car. A friend referred me to Jim Carey when I didn't know what to do... Read More

Deb's Story - He Was My Rock!

I was involved in a car accident that was complicated. God blessed with me Eric Beyer as my attorney. Eric was not only my attorney, he was my rock. Read More

Duaine's Story – "Get someone you trust"

My wife and I were enjoying a warm day in April on our motorcycles when a drunk driver crossed the center line, struck my … Read More

Duanne's Story - "Injured in Car Accident on My Wedding Night"

I was seriously injured in a car accident on my wedding night and went to SiebenCarey. The folks at SiebenCarey got us thru the event helping us get on with our lives. Read More

Ericka's Story - 4 Years of Tireless Service

Every time I wanted to give in and just "be done" with it all because I was just so tired of fighting, Art and his amazing team kept going; knowing and feeling the same frustration I was feeling. They are both professional and empathetic to their clients and made me feel as if I was the only client they had. Read More

James' Story - "Wonderful To Work With"

Art and the staff were wonderful to work with. They kept us informed with the case and would highly recommend Art and his staff. Read More

Jeanne's Story - "Hard Work and Dedication"

Eric Beyer helped me through a very difficult time and his professionalism, advice and results from an injury were highly respected. Read More

Jennifer's Story – "Accessible, Professional and Cared About My Well-being"

I was on a team-building retreat for my employer in July of 2014. While participating in a hike during the retreat, I was injured and hurt my ankle. While the insurance company paid for my initial physical therapy, they denied my request to pay for a follow-up surgery and subsequent medical expenses. As the bills mounted, I had to get help; I called Danielle Bird. Read More

Jen's Story – "I have an ally"

It really felt like my world was coming to an end. It was so unexpected…the other driver was stopped at the stop sign and then without warning just … Read More

Jesse's Story - "Rock Stars!"

Without the help from the fine folks at SiebenCarey I don't think I'd be writing this message today. You all did such an amazing job with my civil case and I can now rest easy knowing my medical bills will be taken care of. Read More

Jesse's Story - "Can't Recommend Highly Enough!"

Tony Rubin took my case to trial and did an amazing job presenting the facts and fighting for my best interests! Read More

Jessica's Story – "A credible, respected attorney"

Jessica was injured on a shopping trip when her foot was caught on a negligently placed pallet. Read More

Jody's Story - "I couldn't have done this without you!"

I have had very long trying Workman's Compensation injury case and Eric Beyer and his assistant Rita Cerny have been totally amazing!! Always so informative and helpful!! Read More

John's Story – "Just biking to work"

It couldn't have been more ordinary for my 88-year old husband, John, to be riding his three-wheel battery powered bike home from work, until the … Read More

Joseph's Story - "Above And Beyond"

This Law Firm is by far the best, they have went above and beyond my expectations. Art Kosieradzki and his team is awesome they will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Read More

Joshua's Story - "Highly Recommend"

Art and his Lakeville team have been a tremendous legal resource for our patients injured in motor vehicle accidents. Read More

Joshua's Story – "I'm back in training"

A few years ago a car hit me while I was riding my bike. I was training for a triathlon and was in the best shape of my life, when a guy blew through … Read More

Karen's Story – "Harry came highly recommended"

A routine business trip left me confined to a wheelchair. I was on my way back to the airport from a business trip in Houston, Texas when another … Read More

Keith's Story – "It was life changing"

We thought everything was going to be fine and everybody would live happily ever after but that wasn't quite the way it turned … Read More

Kelli's Story - "I Found a Great Attorney"

Finding a great personal injury attorney can make all the difference in the world on how your case turns out. Read More

Kevin's Story – "My Reputation is On the Line"

People call me because there are so many injury lawyers out there. They trust me and I trust SiebenCarey. Read More

Lee's Story – "Take the Stress Out"

The people I send to SiebenCarey feel like they took care of them, and they care about them. Read More

Linda's Story – "Back to square one"

During the Labor Day holiday weekend of 2005, my husband and I entered a retail store in Brooklyn Park to do some shopping. We were walking slowly … Read More

Lisa's Story - "Jim advocated for me"

I would absolutely recommend Jim and his team. When my award was finally won, it felt like a victory for the entire team. No matter how big a part they played, everybody was excited and happy for me. It definitely wasn’t their most lucrative case, but it didn’t matter. I felt like I was important to them. I walked out of the office feeling better than I had in a long time. Read More

Lora's Story - "Outstanding Service"

Mr. Carey and his staff were so professional and helpful dealing with our accident. Working with the SiebenCarey team was the only bright spot in our horrible accident experience. Read More

Mark's Story – "Inattentive driver sidelines Coach with serious injuries"

Instant. Abrupt. Scary. This is how Mark Rinehart describes the events of May 14, 2009. A day that started out as a relaxing afternoon of golf turned into … Read More

Mary Jane's Story – "Scalding burns from a shower"

My mother was severely burned and could have lost her life. At 76 years old, she suffered third degree burns to most of her back, upper buttocks and right arm … Read More

Matthew's Story - "Recommended By Other Lawyers"

SiebenCarey has an excellent, and, in my opinion, well-earned reputation in Minnesota, and I heartily recommend them. Read More

Matt's Story – "She gave us an answer"

When Matt was injured in 1997, he wasn't quite 12 yrs old. We were riding up an escalator at a department store when his foot suddenly became caught… Read More

Melinda's Story – "She saved my life"

You should have seen my lawyer in the courtroom…she didn't miss a thing. It was great watching her in action with her professional approach and … Read More

Michael's Story - "I Couldn't Have Made A Better Choice

I had the unfortunate experience of being bitten and torn by a Pit Bull dog. I turned to Art Kosieradzki and his staff at the Lakeville office of SiebenCarey personal injury law firm. I couldn't have made a better choice. Read More

Norma's Story – "I needed help"

Another driver failed to stop for a stop sign and suddenly crashed into me as I was traveling through an intersection in Minneapolis. I was 66 years old … Read More

Online Reviews from Google+, Facebook, Lawyers.com and More

Real-time list of reviews from our clients, referring attorneys and others who have put their trust in SiebenCarey as posted on various social media. Read More

Pat's Story - "Highly Recommended"

I am very pleased with the services provided to me and would highly recommend Mr. Brabbit to others in need of a workers' compensation lawyer. Read More

Roberta's Story - "We Will Be Forever Appreciative"

My family was referred to Susan Holden at SiebenCarey by our hometown attorney in a wrongful death case. We could not have gotten results close to what she achieved without her. Read More

Robert's Story - "They are the best!"

Art and his staff helped me after I was involved in a bad car crash. I can't believe what an unbelievable job they did. Read More

Ron's Story – "Above and beyond"

During the early morning hours of a dark, rainy and foggy October day, I was driving to work with a friend when we came upon some headlights that … Read More

Sarah's Story - “I would recommend Matt to anyone for help with their injury claim"

“I would recommend Matt to anyone for help with their injury claim. Matt made time to come see me when I couldn’t walk to give me updates on the case and see how I was doing. Both he and Dee were always available for questions and always answered promptly." Read More

Scott's Story - "The Right Lawyer"

An excellent and personable staff and the backing of the powerhouse SiebenCarey law firm, what you have in Art is simply this: the right lawyer. Read More

Scott's Story - "They listen and they care"

Art Kosieradzki from the Lakeville office cares about each of his clients and is an excellent attorney. Read More

Scott's Story – "Thirteen surgeries"

You can't just assume your injury is going to be what it appears to be in the beginning. Initially I was just told that I had a broken toe and it … Read More

Scott's Story - “Matt worked very hard for us."

When a lawn maintenance company decides to undertake doing work on a pool system, the results can be catastrophic. Read More

Sheryl's Story – "Best surgeon, best Lawyer"

Two years following my accident I underwent the first of many surgeries and have been unable to work since that time. An inattentive driver ... Read More

Steve's Story - Great "Bedside Manner" With Clients

Susan is very courteous, knowledgeable, and has a great "bedside manner" in dealing with her clients. Read More

Steve's Story - "Compassionate and Professional"

I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a personal injury lawyer they can trust. Read More

Susan's Story - "I Highly Recommend This Firm"

Art and his staff are extremely professional and easy to work with. It is clear he has been doing this a long time. Read More

Teresa's Story - "A First Class Attorney"

I would recommend Mr. Brabbit to anyone who needed a first-class attorney, and I have. I am very satisfied with him and grateful everyday he was recommended to me. Read More

Thai's Story - "Results Beyond Expectations"

They helped me through my claim getting a result beyond my expectations. Read More

Tina's Story – "Confidence and Comfort"

I had many questions in the months following the crash. Jim Carey and his staff always listened carefully, steering me through the legalities with patience, professionalism and care. Read More

Tracy's Story - Jeff Truly Cares

Jeff is good at what he does because he truly cares and to me that is what makes him an outstanding lawyer. Read More

Troy's Story - "Highly Recommended"

Paul walked me through the entire process, explaining what to expect and he kept me informed as each step was reached. Read More

Wayne's Story - "He Always Comes Through For Me"

I just wanted to let people know that I have hired Bob on 3 separate times. He has always come through for me. Read More

William's Story - "You Won't Be Disappointed"

Art and his staff are very friendly and made the whole process extremely easy. Read More