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Adam's Story – "Life changed in an instant"

My son, Adam, only 15 at the time, suffered a serious brain injury when he lost control of an ATV and hit a tree while performing clean up work for a landscape business. Our health insurance company fought responsibility for his medical bills and the workers' compensation insurance company denied liability. Mike Scully fought the insurers' denials all the way to the Supreme Court and won workers' compensation benefits by establishing that Adam's injuries were sustained in the course of his employment. His injuries were deemed catastrophic, entitling him to weekly compensation at least until age 67, medical and home health care benefits for the rest of his life.

Life changed in an instant. Within one month of Adam's injury, the long drawn out battle began with the insurance company. They tried to get us to sign off on a settlement right away or they wouldn't pay one bill. I had the stress of my son living in the hospital for four months and the insurance company saying I would never see a dime unless I signed the papers. Mike Scully advised us not to sign anything and went to extreme measures and all the way to the Supreme Court to get results. They don't deny anything from Mike Scully anymore.

We asked three of our best friends to help us find the best workers compensation law firm in Minnesota and all three came up with SiebenCarey. We were lucky to be introduced to Mike Scully. Mike has been a rock star for us. Right away he gave me his personal number and took the bill collectors threatening to ruin our credit off our backs. Mike has literally saved our lives many times.

Adam is a miracle child. He is so upbeat and thanks to Mike, he is well taken care of now at only 22 years of age. We did not realize how our lives would change. Mike taught us how to think long term about the future for Adam and we are so lucky for that.

The personal caring attention Mike gave us, to our son and our situation was unbelievable and I would not trade it for the world. I am not sure that any other attorney could have done what Mike did. I really don't think so. Sometimes Adam will say anything because of the brain injury he suffered in the accident and one day when Mike came for a visit, Adam told him he needed to update his wardrobe. I was, of course, horrified but Mike just laughed and so we all laughed. It's good to laugh again.

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