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Danielle's Story - "Eric Goes Above And Beyond For His Clients"

Eric Beyer has become more of a trusted colleague and friend to me than just a lawyer. He and I have been working together for over two years on my on-going workers compensation case, and I shudder to think where I would be without his help. I was injured by a student in the course of my job as a teacher at a local school system in 2013. The workers comp insurance company paid my bills and provided treatment at first, but as my course of treatment wore on, they became more difficult to deal with, and finally refused to pay for treatments that I had received and tests that my doctor ordered.

A lawyer whom my family works with referred me to Eric, and I could NOT be more pleased with his work. He stepped in to ensure that I received the treatment that I was entitled to under the law. He took the time to meet with me, not just to learn about my case, but also to inform me of the process that we’d be going through. Eric made sure that I knew what to expect every step of the way; I found that very reassuring and comforting, because there were no surprises. It made the whole process less terrifying to me, and that has given me the confidence to continue to fight for my right when I’m sure I would have long since given-up if it hadn’t been for Eric.

As a side note, I would like to add that I dropped Eric a quick note a few weeks ago asking if he knew anyone who could help my friend who was in Africa at the time working on an adoption. Eric didn’t know anyone in the field, but he found some names, reviewed them, and then called the person who he thought was the best option to vet her before passing me her contact information. My friend called that lawyer from Africa and they are now working together to bring my friend’s adopted baby home. I consider that Eric going above and beyond for his clients.

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