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David's Story – "Jim's confidence helped me trust him"

I was driving to work one morning going about 55 miles an hour. I didn’t have a stop sign but the other car did. That driver pulled out in front of me, forcing me to t-bone her sedan. Both cars were totaled, and I went to the hospital with a broken hand and a head wound that required stitches.
After my injury, I felt like I needed to cover all my bases. I had three months of physical therapy to endure, as well as whiplash and back pain. I wanted to call an attorney so I could understand what to expect from the insurance companies. I spoke to a family friend who had previously been in an accident, and he told me to give Jim Carey a call.
Right away, it was easy to talk to Jim. He responded that day to discuss all of the possible problems I could expect from the insurance company. He gathered information and the police report so he could get a handle on my situation. I had a good experience right from the start. Soon after Jim and I spoke, he sent an investigator to gather even more evidence to support my claim.
Jim kept me in the loop every step of the way. One thing I appreciated was that he always explained everything thoroughly from a legal standpoint, but also gave me good opinions based on his experience with similar cases. When I was looking for legal help, I wanted someone who had the kind of experience Jim had.
I honestly had zero expectations for a settlement. I hired Jim because I didn’t want to deal with the insurance company, and I trusted his judgment and knowledge. I was very happy when I learned that Jim had gotten me a great settlement.
Jim and his team were wonderful to work with. They were easy to reach and always worked around my schedule, instead of the other way around. Jim’s confidence during the whole process helped me trust his intuition. He was a positive straight-talker who could get the job done.
If someone I know ever needs an auto accident lawyer, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim Carey. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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