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Jessica's Story – "A credible, respected attorney"

I was out enjoying a shopping trip with my daughter and we were trying on shoes. As I turned to put away a pair, my foot caught on plastic attached to a pallet that was in the aisle. The next thing I remember is my face on the floor. My glasses were bent, I was bleeding, and my left shoulder and hip hurt. A previous experience with a broken shoulder made me realize that this was no ordinary injury.

I immediately went to the emergency room and was poked, prodded and x-rayed. The x-ray didn’t find any breakage, but I couldn’t lift my arm. As the days passed and the pain got worse, I finally went to a specialist. An MRI revealed a fracture in my shoulder and a torn rotator cuff. For seven months I had to wear a sling on my dominant arm, which severely impacted everyday tasks and prevented me from driving. I lost three weeks of work because of my injuries, and recovery took 8 months.

In the days following the injury I kept trying to understand how it could have happened, how I could have been at fault. I finally realized that my only fault was one of location. I happened to be at that store and happened to be in an aisle filled with large and dangerous pallets. I needed help in my fight against the store and their negligence, so I decided to call a lawyer. I went online to do some searching for personal injury lawyers in the area. I called multiple law firms, but I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. My calls eventually took me to SiebenCarey, where I immediately felt at ease. I spoke to Shannon and her paralegal, and it felt like a good fit.

Shannon was clear and detailed about my case, how everything would be handled and what my expectations should be. I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew what she needed from me, what she needed from my insurance company, and what she could expect from the store.  Every communication was prompt and easy to understand. I received a call or email back quickly after every question I asked. Shannon and her team walked me through every document so I could be sure I understood my case. We communicated electronically quite often, which was a great convenience. I was unable to drive and couldn’t meet face to face, yet I never felt out of the loop. I was comfortable in my own home, which put me at ease. Shannon accommodated my limits.

From the first time I contacted SiebenCarey, I trusted Shannon. I felt like I was in the hands of an expert. I trusted her ability to negotiate, to fight, to work with the insurance companies and battle against the store. I knew I could let Shannon do her job and that I would see the results I needed.

I would absolutely recommend Shannon and SiebenCarey to a friend. I know from experience that she’s a credible, respected attorney who puts in the work for her clients. See More Client Stories