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John's Story – "Just biking to work"

It couldn't have been more ordinary for my 88-year old husband, John, to be riding his three-wheel battery powered bike home from work, until the day he was hit by a car and killed.

Driving back from the store, John was broadsided by a distracted woman driver and thrown from his bike. Although John was wearing a bright red warm up suit and was using the cross walk, the driver claimed not to have seen John until she hit him.

Our four children were shocked and devastated by the loss of their father, especially considering his active lifestyle.

I didn't see me losing my husband so early on. He was so active, in good shape…I miss him a lot.

He was just making a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home and a woman driver struck him in the intersection and he died at the scene of the accident.

John worked as President of his company until the day he died. After John's death, I was left without my husband, friend and travel partner.

I can't remember who referred me to Susan Holden at SiebenCarey but she took on my case after John's death and helped me get back to my life.

Working with Sue made the process worry free for me. She was totally in control. Sue came to my house several times and helped me with the insurance company and the wrongful death suit. In the end I still miss John but with Sue's help, I am moving on and getting back to my family.

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