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Joshua's Story – "I'm back in training"

A few years ago a car hit me while I was riding my bike. I was training for a triathlon and was in the best shape of my life, when a guy blew through a stop sign and hit me. I was thrown to the ground and split my head open. I was rushed to the hospital where I got staples in my head and was treated for a concussion.

After two or three months I started feeling an increasing amount of pain in my shoulder and it was not going away. This was something I had never experienced any problems with, so I decided to contact the driver who hit me. After speaking to his wife, I realized I would need an attorney.

I got online and looked around for an attorney, I even prayed about the decision. I decided on SiebenCarey and immediately hit it off with Jeff. I spoke with him and let him know what had happened and he got right on it. He got the insurance information and set me up with a really good doctor and I started physical therapy. I eventually had to have surgery on the arm but it still causes me pain.

Jeff supported my decisions and was honest right from the start. He said "we're going to take this all the way to the end if that's what you want to do, "and that meant something. He wanted me to walk away from the deal feeling as good as I could about the outcome and that's important. 

Although he was my legal representation, I felt like Jeff was as much a friend as he was anything else. When you have something like this go on in your life, you know trust is going to be the number one thing. You've got to really trust the person that's going to be taking care of this stuff for you and I really did trust Jeff.

Now, three years later I'm back in shape and competing in a triathlon this summer. Jeff helped me get through a really hard time and back to where I want to be.

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