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Kevin's Story – "My Reputation is On the Line"

After referring several injury clients to SiebenCarey over the years, I became a client myself after a boating accident. Whenever I have been at SiebenCarey’s offices, whether it’s just a visit or during my own case, they have the ability to both empathize and be confident. I think sometimes, as an attorney myself, you can achieve one but not necessarily the other. But I think having both are critical. 

I’ve found with other lawyers, they can say, “I can win your case.” I think, “Okay, are you just treating me as a case or do you realize I’m really hurt?” On the other hand, people can identify that you’re hurt, but you don’t get the sense of confidence that they’ll actually carry the case. I think in work comp and personal injury, you’ve got to have both. If you don’t, I think it’s challenging. Clearly SiebenCarey has both.
When I’m referring to SiebenCarey, it’s basically I’m going to get these clients coming back to me if it’s a bad experience. And even when it’s a good experience, they’ll tell me how things are going. Ironically, when I refer injury cases to SiebenCarey, those clients never come back to me even to ask questions because they feel so well informed and represented.

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