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Linda's Story – "Back to square one"

During the Labor Day holiday weekend of 2005, my husband and I entered a retail store in Brooklyn Park to do some shopping. We were walking slowly when I slipped and fell to the floor. I did not see the clear liquid covering the width of the aisle until after I fell. There were no signs or barricades in this aisle warning that water was leaking from the overhead air conditioning unit and pooling on the floor.

I had previously undergone surgeries to my back and was recovering from a fusion surgery at the time that this incident occurred. According to my surgeon, the fall caused damage to the healing fusion which necessitated another surgery to repair my low back. I incurred over $150,000 in medical expenses alone and wage loss as well.

After my accident, it was back to square one for me all over again. I knew I needed to talk with a lawyer but I was apprehensive and didn't know who to call. I didn't quite know what to do. I called SiebenCarey after seeing one of their television commercials and Sue Holden took my call immediately.

Sue listened to what I had to say. Filing a lawsuit was very intimidating for me but Sue explained every detail. She didn't lead me on or fill me with false hope. My mobility was very limited after the accident so she made it very easy on me and came to my home to meet with me. I liked her approach. She was friendly and honest with me. She worked hard to always keep me updated on my case and respond to me quickly. The amount of work that she put into my case was unreal. Sue successfully settled my case through mediation for a confidential amount.

Throughout the process there were many times when I would second guess myself but Sue always reassured me that everything would be ok and it always was. I still feel pain on a daily basis but I'm just taking it one day at a time. Sue went above and beyond for me. She is a good person with a good heart. I would highly recommend Sue to anybody.

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