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Lisa's Story - "Jim advocated for me"

n October of 2013, I was riding a city bus to work when the driver went through a red light. There was a crash and a crunch as we were t-boned by a school bus. I was thrown several feet out of my seat. Right away I felt pain in my back and knew I needed medical attention. I spoke to a bus representative outside the bus and asked for help. He looked at my back and told me I was fine, but I knew I wasn’t fine. The pain got worse, and I felt like it was going to be difficult to get anyone from the transit company to respond to my issues, let alone take responsibility for my injuries. So my next call was to Jim Carey.
I described the accident to Jim, and the first thing he did was to request that I see a doctor. I was diagnosed with injuries to my back and shoulder. I received chiropractic treatments three times a week as well as physical therapy. For months I couldn’t reach above shoulder height and couldn’t lift heavy objects.
My auto insurance company did an independent examination and claimed nothing was wrong, even though I was receiving ongoing care for my injuries. Although I was worried about paying for my recovery, Jim said I should continue to seek treatment. He and his team contacted my caregivers to ensure I was not harassed for payment.
Jim set reasonable expectations for me from the beginning. He told me what to expect from other lawyers, the transit company and the insurance company. Jim encouraged me to stay calm, polite and truthful, which gave me confidence. When discussions became heated at my mediation, Jim stood up for me. He advocated for me and what he felt I deserved. I saw how he interacted with the other attorneys and companies, and I saw how they respected him. He earns that respect.
I would absolutely recommend Jim and his team. When my award was finally won, it felt like a victory for the entire team. No matter how big a part they played, everybody was excited and happy for me. It definitely wasn’t their most lucrative case, but it didn’t matter. I felt like I was important to them. I walked out of the office feeling better than I had in a long time.

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