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Mark's Story – "Inattentive driver sidelines Coach with serious injuries"

Instant. Abrupt. Scary. This is how Mark Rinehart describes the events of May 14, 2009. A day that started out as a relaxing afternoon of golf turned into a life-changing event for Mark.

Mark was headed home after his golf outing following a well known route. As he made a left turn in an intersection on a green light, "BOOM". An inattentive driver blew a red light and crashed into the driver's side of Mark's vehicle. The impact jammed Mark's door shut, and rocked and rotated his Ford Explorer ninety degrees in the middle of the intersection.

Mark was in shock, and his neck felt funny at the scene. As time went on, Mark's neck problems became more pronounced. He had frequent headaches and constant stiffness and pain in his neck. Mark saw a spinal specialist and learned that he suffered a disc herniation in his neck that required surgery. Mark underwent the surgery to repair the damage to his neck. After the surgery, Mark endured a long recovery period.

In the aftermath of the crash, Mark decided he needed help that his doctors could not provide. He needed someone to guide him through the quagmire of getting his medical bills paid, and making sure the at-fault driver was held accountable for the losses Mark suffered. A good friend referred him to Matt Steinbrink.

"Matt was very personable and very caring. I could tell he wanted to hear my story," recalls Mark. During their first meeting Matt took time to explain to Mark what he was entitled to, how the process worked and that his job was to get the care he needed while Matt and his team would take care of the legal issues. Mark appreciated this because "it allowed me to continue with my work and be with my family and live my life," says Mark. Plus Mark knew what to expect and that was comforting to him.

As the case progressed, Matt and his team put together a powerful presentation that resulted in a settlement offer of the at-fault driver's policy limits. Mark was thankful for all of the work that Matt and his team put into the case. Most of all, Mark says, "I didn't have to worry about it--I knew Matt and his team would handle it all."

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