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Mary Jane's Story – "Scalding burns from a shower"

My mother was severely burned and could have lost her life. At 76 years old, she suffered third degree burns to most of her back, upper buttocks and right arm in a shower at a well-known resort in Minnesota. The water temperature violated Minnesota code, at 140 degrees. My mom required skin grafting using both artificial and self-donor sites from her legs. She suffered post-traumatic hydrocephalus, which required placement of a permanent brain shunt. She also suffered cognitive deficits, balance and movement issues and general neurological and physical deterioration as a result of her injuries. Her medical damages alone exceeded $450,000. Paul Downes was selected for the personalized attention he gave to my family and favorably settled the case out of court for a confidential sum.

We were really impressed with Paul when he came right to Hennepin County Medical Center to meet my mom in the burn unit. We were impressed that SiebenCarey had already handled many other scalding cases. Paul was all of the things that the other high power attorney was not. He handled our case directly. He was respectful and courteous. It was clear to us from the beginning there was negligence here but first and foremost we wanted to make sure the issues at the resort got addressed so we didn't have to worry about this happening to someone else.

During the eight months my mother was in different care facilities, I kept a Caring Bridge site about her progress which helped keep Paul updated so when he would call me, he could make the best use of my time. I was working full-time and raising 2 kids in addition to caring for my mom so my time was valuable. Paul was respectful of my time and held it in high value. He didn't burden me with too much and this was just what I needed.

My mother had to endure horrific daily scrubbings of her burns. They would give her Versed so she wouldn't remember them. These were a drain on me emotionally, physically and mentally as well. Paul was tender, careful, considerate, and professional at all times which went a long way in easing our additional anxieties so we could focus on our mother first. We knew we were in safe hands with Paul handling the lawsuit. He kept my mom's case on the forefront of his mind and wanted to do the right thing for us.

We chose Paul because of the personalized treatment we felt we would get from him and we did. We made the right decision in choosing Paul. He helped my mother build the hope she needed in her recovery. While we are happy to have the case concluded and be moving forward with our lives, the bond that was created will remain. My mother believes that anyone who gets Paul as an attorney is very lucky and I couldn't agree more.

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