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Matt's Story – "She gave us an answer"

When Matt was injured in 1997, he wasn't quite 12 yrs old. We were riding up an escalator at a department store when his foot suddenly became caught between two steps near the top. He was unable to pull his foot free before it was forced under the comb plate at the top platform. The escalator continued to run crushing three of his toes and injuring his foot. I was able to locate the emergency stop button at the top of the escalator but maintenance crews actually had to reverse the escalator before we could free his foot.

Over the next five years, Matt underwent multiple surgeries on his foot and eventually had two of his toes fused. As he continued to need surgery on top of surgery and his medical bills began piling up, I was determined to find an attorney who could help us. We were so grateful to find Sue. She discovered that the escalator was defective and inadequately maintained and pursued claims against the companies that manufactured and maintained the escalator as well as the department store owner whose employees inspected the operation of the escalator each day. Sue successfully settled the case through mediation just prior to trial.

By the time the case finally settled, Matt had become an adult and had the opportunity to work directly with Sue. He was hesitant to give his trust to her at first but I recall him telling me once after a meeting with her that he did really like her. He felt comfortable when we got to mediation in taking her advice and listening to her suggestions. As parents, it was difficult to step back and allow him to make his own decisions but Sue guided him and gave him options for investing his settlement money and did a wonderful job working with him. Thankfully he listened to Sue and followed what she recommended so the majority of his money was put into a trust.

When it was all said and done, Matt was very thankful for all of Sue's hard work. If we knew anybody looking for a personal injury attorney, we would send them right to her. Matt will have pain for the rest of his life but Sue gave us the answers we needed and allowed him to move forward in life.

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