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Ron's Story – "Above and beyond"

During the early morning hours of a dark, rainy and foggy October day, I was driving to work with a friend when we came upon some headlights that appeared to be in our lane of travel. Unbeknownst to us, a garbage truck had pulled into the wrong lane and was facing toward us. I realized this vehicle was in our lane as I became blinded by the headlights. In an effort to avoid the vehicle, I veered off the road to the right, drove into the ditch and struck a telephone pole. My friend and I got out of the vehicle to inspect the damage to the car and found it to be minimal. A second vehicle which had been distantly following me also then became blinded by the headlights of the garbage truck. The driver of this vehicle also swerved to the right, drove into the ditch and struck me as I was getting back into my vehicle.

I was trapped under my vehicle until the fire department responded to the scene and was able to extricate me. The ambulance crew noticed the amputation of my left foot and an open fracture to my right leg. I spent over two months at Regions Hospital and more than 3 months in therapy at the Courage Center. I suffered significant injuries from the accident, including amputation of both my legs and paralysis below my mid-chest area. Jim Carey settled my claims against the sanitation company, their insurer, the other driver's insurer as well as my underinsured motorist coverage.

My sons hired Jim while I was still in an induced coma. One of their cousins told them that SiebenCarey was a great firm to choose for personal injury. I believe I first met Jim when he came to visit me at Regions Hospital. My first impression was that he was very honest and would do the best he possibly could for me. He did exactly that.

There were a lot of times when Jim even went over and above his best for me like when he negotiated with my health insurance company so I didn't have to repay the full amount and just making sure I was comfortable at all times. He was always one step ahead with everything. When I had questions, Jim and his staff explained things to me so that I understood them. They would always call or contact me with any little change and kept me informed of everything that was happening on my case.

I also had a chance to work with Harry Sieben of the firm when he attended my deposition due to Jim being unavailable as a result of his medical condition at that time. Harry made me feel just as comfortable as Jim and his staff did. If someone I knew was involved in an accident, I would tell them SiebenCarey is the one you want on your team if you want a law firm that cares.

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