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Scott's Story - “Matt worked very hard for us."

When a lawn maintenance company decides to undertake doing work on a pool system, the results can be catastrophic.  A company was hired by the homeowner to blow out his lawn sprinkler lines.  After that was done, they then hooked up a powerful air compressor to the pool filtration system.  Shortly after the air was turned on, the pool filter exploded like a bomb and nearly amputated the homeowner’s arm.  

The homeowner hired Matt Steinbrink to pursue his injury claims.  There were multiple claims made against multiple entities.  After a lengthy litigation with a lot of finger pointing as to who was responsible, Matt was able to settle with all the responsible parties getting the homeowner a settlement of $615,000, plus a separate confidential settlement.  

After everything was done, the client said, “Matt worked very hard for us.  He went to bat for us many times throughout the process and put us at ease in time of stress.  Dee, the paralegal, was also always available and helpful.  I’m glad we got the opportunity to work with them.”  

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