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Tina's Story – "Confidence and Comfort"

May 14, 2014. My friend and I are riding our motorcycles down Shepherd Road near downtown St. Paul. Suddenly, a great wall of green lands in our path. A big pickup truck has blown through a red light and is blocking our right-of-way. I see my friend take evasive action, putting her bike down and bouncing on the pavement like a rag doll. It is surreal. I am behind her and an instant later I brake and lean my bike in a nearly identical defensive move. I hit my head once, twice on the road and then black out. I come to, lying in the middle of the street. I have separated from my motorcycle. 

Somehow, I stumble to where my friend is lying motionless in the gutter. I fear she is dead. I call to her through the padding of my helmet. She answers faintly. There is a distant wail of sirens. Soon, we are surrounded by good Samaritans, police and medical emergency teams. Somebody helps me sit on the curb, which I do with great difficulty because my ribs are badly hurt. There is a tingling in my left hand and arm. Later, the tingling becomes sharp, throbbing pain of a serious left hand injury. My knees burn with severe road rash. I feel confusion. Shock sets in. I am shaking uncontrollably. I begin to cry.  We are each ambulanced to a nearby ER. 

This is the single most frightening event of my life. I am in so much pain and don’t know what to do. A friend recommends I call Jim Carey, which I do. It is the smartest thing I could have done. 

I had many questions in the months following the crash. There were days when I was frustrated by the limitations my injuries invoked, days when I was annoyed at all the time I had to invest in rehabilitative services, and days that I was simply upset and impatient to be done with it all. Jim Carey and his staff ALWAYS listened carefully, steering me through the legalities with patience, professionalism and care. They helped me gather all needed documentation and kept it organized for me. When a deposition was required, Jim walked me through everything. During the deposition itself his coaching, supportive demeanor and deep knowledge of the process gave me confidence and comfort. 

I am glad this chapter in my life is behind me. I was extremely satisfied with the work Jim and his team provided. In truth, I hope I never talk with any of them again, at least not because I or anybody I know has been hurt. But if the worst happens, I would not hesitate to call or recommend Jim Carey.

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