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Verdicts and Settlements

$682,000.00 Matthew E. Steinbrink
Matthew E. Steinbrink

Distracted Driver Hits 26-year old Mom On Her Way to Work

Litigation Type - Pedestrian Accidents

Client Injury - Fractured Ankle

A 26-year-old Minneapolis mother was on her way to work early one morning when a distracted driver crossed the center line and caused a horrible head-on crash. The impact was so severe it immediately fractured her ankle, among other injuries. Read More

$615,000.00 Matthew E. Steinbrink
Matthew E. Steinbrink

Maintenance Company’s Negligence Nearly Amputates Homeowner’s Arm

Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Severe Arm Injuries

When a lawn maintenance company decides to undertake doing work on a pool system, the results can be catastrophic. Read More

$450,000.00 Matthew E. Steinbrink
Matthew E. Steinbrink

Multiple Rear-End Accidents

Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Neck Injuries

What would otherwise seem like a minor rear-end accident was a life-changing event for one woman. What’s more is that it happened to her twice in less than one year. Read More

$75,000.00 Matthew E. Steinbrink
Matthew E. Steinbrink

Drunk Driver Hits Teen Practicing For Her Driver’s Test

Litigation Type - Drunk Driving Accidents

Client Injury - Neck and Back Injuries

A young Anoka teen practicing for her driver’s test was stopped at a stop when a drunk driver slammed into the rear of the vehicle she was driving. Rather than stop to see if anyone was hurt or render aid, the drunk fled the scene. Read More

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