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Boating Tragedy Teaches Hard Lesson


Litigation Type - Boating Accidents

Client Injury - Death, Serious Injuries

On a clear summer evening, two boats were on a parallel course, both moving very fast. A jet boat testing its speed passed a fishing boat and made a U-turn so it was on course for a head-on collision. At the last moment, both boat operators attempted to avoid a collision but it was too late. The fishing boat flew into the air, did a barrel roll and landed upside down. Three people lost their lives and others were seriously injured. Jim Carey represented one of the injury victims as well as the family of one of the deceased passengers.

After rigorous investigation and careful fact-finding, it was discovered that the driver of the jet boat had been consuming alcohol. In addition, the jet boat was overloaded with passengers, according to the boat manufacturer's specifications. Neither boat operator used defensive boating practices and both boats were operated at speeds capable of inflicting serious injury and death upon collision.

Carey was successful in obtaining a verdict in excess of $1,000,000 for our clients.

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