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Defect in Escalator Traps Foot


Litigation Type - Product Liability

Client Injury - Foot Injury

Our client, an eleven year old boy, was seriously injured while riding up an escalator at a department store. The boy was riding up the escalator with his mother when his foot became caught between two steps near the top. He was unable to pull his foot free before it was forced under the comb plate at the top platform. The escalator continued running causing crush injuries to three toes and other crush damage and lacerations to his foot.

During his initial hospitalization, the boy underwent multiple surgeries on his foot. Later his injured toes required fusion and needed further medical treatment that could involve amputation of his great toe. Claims were litigated against the companies that manufactured and maintained the escalator as well as the department store owner whose employees inspected the operation of the escalator each day.

We learned through expert analysis that the escalator had design defects as well as inadequate maintenance which lead to other similar incidents involving this escalator and which caused this boy's injury. Susan Holden settled the claims of our client before trial for $541,000.

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