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Dog Bites 4-year old Girl in Face

Litigation Type - Dog Bites

Client Injury - Disfigurement

Dogs are great companions and friends...a part of the family. But every year, thousands of people are killed or injured in dog attacks-and the most common victims are children, who often suffer significant facial disfigurement.

Jeffrey Montpetit has successfully represented many clients who were injured as the result of an unprovoked dog attack. One of them, a beautiful 4-year-old girl, was playing in her yard when an unsupervised, unrestrained neighbor's dog approached. While trying to pet the usually friendly animal, the young girl was bitten in the face, receiving severe and disfiguring lacerations to her nose, lips and cheeks.

Thankfully, the young girl didn't require rabies vaccinations, but she did undergo numerous medical procedures to repair the lacerations, and will likely require plastic surgery in the future to help minimize the unsightly scarring. Jeff was successful in holding the dog owner responsible, and recovered funds not only for past and future medical expenses, but also for the pain and suffering caused and her permanent disfigurement.

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