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> > > Maintenance Company’s Negligence Nearly Amputates Homeowner’s Arm

Maintenance Company’s Negligence Nearly Amputates Homeowner’s Arm


Litigation Type - Other Accidents

Client Injury - Severe Arm Injuries

When a lawn maintenance company decides to undertake doing work on a pool system, the results can be catastrophic.  A company was hired by the homeowner to blow out his lawn sprinkler lines.  After that was done, they then hooked up a powerful air compressor to the pool filtration system.  Shortly after the air was turned on, the pool filter exploded like a bomb and nearly amputated the homeowner’s arm.  

The homeowner hired Matt Steinbrink to pursue his injury claims.  There were multiple claims made against multiple entities.  After a lengthy litigation with a lot of finger pointing as to who was responsible, Matt was able to settle with all the responsible parties getting the homeowner a settlement of $615,000, plus a separate confidential settlement.  

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