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Semi Truck Driver’s Inattentiveness Causes Serious Accident


Litigation Type - Semi Truck Accidents

Client Injury - Neck and Back Injuries

Our client was injured due to the negligence of an 18 wheeler. She was traveling on the Interstate at 55mph because the weather was bad and the roads were a bit slippery. A semi-truck hauling a load of hogs came up behind her traveling over the speed limit and rear-ended her vehicle. She was able to keep her vehicle from shooting off the highway after the impact but there was severe damage to her vehicle.  The truck driver was cited for inattentive driving.

Our client received injuries to her neck and back as a result of the accident. When conservative treatments failed, her surgeon recommended cervical fusion. 

Jeff Sieben settled her claim for $600,000 against her own insurance company and the insurer for the semi-truck. This money not only represents the high cost of our client’s medical care, but the serious pain she has been forced to endure on her road to recovery. 

This case is a reminder that it is important for all of us to maintain vigilance on the road.  It is even more important when you are at the helm of an 18 wheeler.

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