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Serious Injuries Plague Young Victim Of Severe Crash


Litigation Type - Auto Accidents

Client Injury - Broken pelvis, fractured ilium, fractured humerus and facial lacerations

A young child was the victim of a rollover crash when the driver slid on icy roads and the vehicle overturned.  Fortunately, the child was unhurt in the crash.  Unfortunately, when the child was extricated from the vehicle, a second vehicle slid and crashed in the same location, causing the child severe injuries.
To assist with medical bills for her son, the mother of this unfortunate victim hired Cory Whalen and SiebenCarey,  Whalen pursued and successfully recovered the policy limits from all involved insurance carriers.
Cory Whalen would like to remind drivers that, when you are injured in a motor vehicle crash, it is imperative that you stay in your vehicle until help arrives.  You have a better chance to survive a secondary impact from inside your vehicle rather than standing outside your vehicle.

For more information, see icy road safety.

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