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Unsafe Sanitation Practices Cause Serious Injury


Litigation Type - Car Accidents

Client Injury - Amputation of legs, paralysis

In the early morning hours our client was traveling to work with a friend when they came upon some headlights that appeared to be in their lane. It was dark, raining and foggy.  A garbage truck had pulled into the wrong lane and was actually facing toward our client as he approached.  Our client understandably thought that someone was in his lane and he was blinded by the headlights so he veered off the road to the right, driving into a ditch striking a telephone pole. Our client and his passenger got out to inspect the damage to their car, which was minimal.  Another vehicle who also thought that the garbage truck was a vehicle coming at him in his lane and did exactly the same thing that our client did and hit our client as he was getting back into his vehicle. 

Our client was trapped in his vehicle until the fire department responded to the scene and was able to extricate him.  The ambulance crew noticed the amputation of his left foot and an open fracture to his right leg.  He spent over two months at Regions Hospital and more than 3 months at the Courage Center.  He suffered significant injuries from the accident, including amputation of both legs and paralysis below the mid-chest area. 

James Carey settled the claims against the sanitation company, their insurer, the other driver's insurer and our client's own underinsured motorist coverage.  The total settlement amount was $3.6 million..

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