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Motorcyclist Killed By Semi Making a U-turn


Litigation Type - Motorcycle Accidents

Client Injury - Death

A semi truck driver from North Carolina pulled his rig to the side of a two lane highway on a bright summer afternoon. He stopped to make a cell phone call, activating the flashers on his semi. The motorcyclist approached the truck and suddenly the truck pulled out and across the road to make a U-turn. The motorcyclist had no time to react and hit the side of the semi. The motorcyclist was killed immediately.

The truck driver initially denied using a cell phone at the time of the collision but investigation proved that he was talking on his cell phone while making a U-turn on the two lane highway. It was against his trucking company's policy for drivers to make U-turns.

Jeff Sieben settled the wrongful death claim for the motorcyclist's family. He obtained $720,000 in settlement. The claims were limited due to caps on damages (the State of Wisconsin restricts the rights of victims to collect for the loss of a loved one by placing limit or cap on the damages).

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