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Adult Biking Accidents On the Rise

Surge in popularity among adults results in more biking injuries

A bicycle accident is frightening and can result in a serious bicycle accident injury. The human body is highly exposed on a bicycle, so in bike-car collisions or other bicycle crashes, serious injuries are likely. Even the most skilled and alert rider who always wears a helmet can fall victim to a bike accident injury.

Bikes are less visible and less stable than cars, which can cause serious injuries for bike riders involved in bike-car collisions. Also, road conditions like uneven road surfaces or surprise obstructions can cause a bicycle crash with resulting in a devastating bike accident injury.

If you've been the victim of an accident resulting in a bicycle accident injury the personal injury attorneys at SiebenCarey can help.

Whatever the cause of your bike accident, you need protection

Bike-car collisions are just one type of bicycle crash where another person may be at fault. Another person may be liable for bicycle accident injuries resulting from these types of accidents as well:

  • Car accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Personal injury accident
  • Semi truck accident
  • Product liability accident

SiebenCarey helps victims of all types of bicycle accidents and has experience and determination to protect your rights.

Proper treatment for your bicycle accident injury is the top priority

A bicycle accident can result in a wide range of injuries that may require expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Minnesota personal injury lawyers at SiebenCarey are highly skilled, experienced and aggressive. We will fight assertively on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve to cover health care costs, wage loss, emotional distress, and pain and suffering when a bicycle crash causes a bicycle accident injury.

Protect children from bicycle accident injuries

The best way to avoid bicycle accidents is by preventing them. Parents can help keep children safe by insisting that they wear properly fitting helmets every time they ride bikes. When a parent or caregiver also wears a helmet, he or she sets a good example for children while also getting the protection a helmet provides from a bicycle accident injury.

When buying bikes at garage sales or handing down used bikes from older siblings or cousins, parents can help prevent a bicycle accident injury by checking to see if there has been a safety recall on the bike at Recalls.gov.

Learn more about keeping children safe and avoiding bike accidents.

Our Minnesota personal injury lawyers can help

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